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U.S. business prominent criticizes biased media coverage of Tibet situation

Source: Xinhua | 04-15-2008 14:42

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CHICAGO, April 13 (Xinhua) -- Jerry R. Mitchell, a U.S. business leader, on Sunday criticized the biased coverage of the Tibet situation by some media and defended China's sovereignty to handle its internal affairs.

In his comments left on the Chicago Tribune website, he said his "displeasure with the coverage of the Tibet situation is growing daily."

"How many people that are writing in (the media) even know the history of Tibet being a part of China for thousands of years? Even the media does nothing to inform their readers that this is not China attacking its neighbors but an internal conflict. Why isn't the news media showing the burning of property by these so called Tibetan peaceful protestors or the beating of Chinese citizens by them?"

"I also do not understand the media coverage of the protests in front of the Chinese consul in Chicago that do not show the (so-called) peaceful protestors throwing items through the windows of the consulate. If this was an American Consulate in another country what would our media response be? For many years I have been taught that an attack on an American Consulate was the same as an attack on America."

He also praised the Chinese diplomats for their approach in handling the attack, saying "the Chinese Consulate in Chicago is showing the rest of us how to respond intelligently with their restraint when conflicts occur."

The 70-year-old man also oppugned some media coverage on the recent attack on the Olympic torch by some Tibetan separatists in the torch's relay.

"How do we not condone the vicious attacks on the world's symbol of peace The Olympic Torch?"

"Instead of supporting the Torch and the people carrying it, we condemn the people trying to protect both the proud carriers of the Torch and the Torch itself...What message does America send to the rest of the world when thousands of people take to the streets attacking the very symbol of world peace?" he questioned.

Mitchell is the CEO of Asian Business Company, Inc. an importer and exporter of products from Asia. He is also president of Jerry R. Mitchell and Associates Inc.

In November 1997, he and three other entrepreneurs were described in Fortune Magazine as serial entrepreneurs due to their accomplishments in starting multiple successful companies. He is founder and president of The Midwest Entrepreneurs Forum since its formation.


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