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China urges Pelosi not to disturb torch relay

Source: | 04-10-2008 13:05

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China has urged House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi and other US Congress members to stop tarnishing the Beijing Olympics and the torch relay.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu says very few in the US Congress have openly agitated disruption of the Olympic torch relay in San Francisco. She says the protests disregard the non-politicization principle of the Games and lack morality. Jiang Yu made the remarks when commenting on a statement by Pelosi that encouraged opposition to the Olympic relay in San Francisco.

She said Pelosi's statement has inevitably aroused indignation and condemnation of Chinese people at home and abroad, and all fair-minded people in the world. Jiang said the support for the Beijing Olympics by Chinese and most of world is firm and unshakable.


Editor:Zhang Ning