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Lhasa, ethnic Tibetan areas recovering


Source: | 03-27-2008 08:54

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

As people in Lhasa start putting their lives back together, the city and other affected areas nearby are returning to normal. Restaurants and other businesses in Lhasa have started to recover since the riots.

Almost 160 restaurants were damaged or burned in the violence on March 14th. So far, over eighty percent have reopened. Local authorities have issued new business licenses to those who lost theirs in the riots.
Almost 160 restaurants were damaged or burned in the violence 
on March 14th. So far, over eighty percent have reopened. Local 
authorities have issued new business licenses to those who lost 
theirs in the riots.

Almost 160 restaurants were damaged or burned in the violence on March 14th. So far, over eighty percent have reopened. Local authorities have issued new business licenses to those who lost theirs in the riots.

Restaurant owner Chen Bing said, "I'll hang up the new license this afternoon, and reopen my restaurant tomorrow."

Restaurant manager Ma Chengxian said, "We only brought in 500 yuan when we reopened our restaurant on March 20th. There were only a few people. But yesterday we took in more than 3000 yuan, nearly 4000. More and more people are coming to eat here."

A Lhasa resident said, "The specials are really good here. I come here quite often, about twice a week."

Labolung Temple has nearly 300 years of history, and is the biggest of its kind out of more than 120 Tibetan Buddhism temples in Gansu Province's Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.
Labolung Temple has nearly 300 years of history, and is the 
biggest of its kind out of more than 120 Tibetan Buddhism 
temples in Gansu Province's Gannan Tibetan Autonomous 

Labolung Temple has nearly 300 years of history, and is the biggest of its kind out of more than 120 Tibetan Buddhism temples in Gansu Province's Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

A Temple staff said, "There are not many tourists. It's not the tourist season now in the temple, so there are not many visitors, but there are more people here for religious reasons."

Other temples and research institutes of Tibetan Buddhism have regained their peace and a sense of calm in Gansu. The monks have been able to carry out their religious rituals as usual.


Editor:Zhang Ning