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Foreign residents condemn riots


Source: | 03-25-2008 08:56

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

Hundreds of foreigners live in the city of Lhasa. Many of them endured fearful experiences on the day the riots occurred. CCTV reporter Xu Zhaoqun has talked to a few of them about what they saw and how they feel about the unrest.

On March 14, Tony Gleason, his wife and their one year old son were having lunch with friends in Central Lhasa. They were told to leave the restaurant when riot started outside. They saw mobs throwing stones.
On March 14, Tony Gleason, his wife and their one year old 
son were having lunch with friends in Central Lhasa. They 
were told to leave the restaurant when riot started outside. 
They saw mobs throwing stones.

On March 14, Tony Gleason, his wife and their one year old son were having lunch with friends in Central Lhasa. They were told to leave the restaurant when riot started outside. They saw mobs throwing stones.

Tony Gleason, country director of Tibet Poverty Alleviation Fund, said, "At that time, my wife became terrified, Just because she had the baby at the back of the bicycle to protect the baby."

Working as an NGO officer, Tony Gleason has lived in Lhasa for three years. He has witnessed the quick development of the plateau city, and is unable to understand why people behaved the way they did.

Tony Gleason said, "It is very strange that very quickly started and very quickly spread it's very strange."

Tony says he's not able to understand what is behind these crazy acts. But he definitely opposes it.

Tony Gleason said, "No, violence is not ok, I think it's terrible."

A Nepalese Shop Keeper at Barkor Market survived the riots but it left him terrified and his shop has been closed for several days.
A Nepalese Shop Keeper at Barkor Market survived the riots 
but it left him terrified and his shop has been closed for 
several days.
Nepalese shop owner Ratna Kumar Tuladaar said, "I saw people setting fire to the shops opposite mine. They just don't want us to do good business. This street suffered the most during the riots. I hope my business can return to normal soon."

Both foreign residents say the riots have heavily impacted the city, and they are optimistic the city will recover and boom again in the near future.


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