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Chinese business groups in Russia denounce riot in Lhasa

Source: Xinhua | 03-16-2008 10:46

MOSCOW, March 15 (Xinhua) -- Chinese chambers of commerce in Moscow on Saturday denounced the riot in Lhasa, the regional capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, which has left 10 civilians dead and 12 policemen seriously injured.

"The riot is an illegal action organized, premeditated and masterminded by the Dalai clique to destroy the stability and solidarity of Tibet," the groups said in a statement.

The Chinese living in Russia strongly condemn this action and firmly support safeguarding the stability of Tibet and safety of people and property there, the statement said.

A few vandals smashed windows, robbed shops and set cars ablaze Friday afternoon in a plotted sabotage in the regional capital. The city reported no new incidents of violence on Saturday.


Editor:Xiong Qu