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Rural education gap to be bridged


Source: | 03-14-2008 13:37

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

In recent years, China has been increasing its investment in education, resulting in dramatic changes.

In recent years, China has been increasing its investment in education, resulting in dramatic changes. 
In recent years, China has been increasing its 
investment in education, resulting in dramatic 
changes. (

But a wide gap in education opportunities remains between rural and urban children, and more efforts are still needed.

Our reporter Zhang Lu went to southwest China's Guizhou province to see what school is like for students in the countryside.

The first day of class in a new semester. Zhang Dengyin is happy to see that none of his students are absent today.

He teaches in this remote village school in Guizhou province.

Zhang Dengyin, Teacher, said, "Since the government waived the tuition fees and provided students with free textbooks, there were hardly any dropouts."

In addition to free schooling, the government has also contributed funds to build and repair schoolhouses.

Right now, in poor and remote villages like Zhang's, the schoolhouses are the most well-constructed buildings around.

Zhang Dengyin, Teacher, said, "The Government gave us lot of money to build the classrooms. It's a great change. The school now serves five neighboring villages."