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CPPCC holds 2nd plenum meeting

Source: | 03-09-2008 13:13

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

The second plenum meeting of the first session of 11th CPPCC opened on Saturday.

CPPCC members gathered at the Great Hall of the People for the meeting.

Chairman of the 11th CPPCC presidium, Jia Qinglin was in attendance to hear the meeting.

In a speech given by CPPCC member Li Deshui, he said the best way to curb inflation and an overheating economy is to effectively regulate capital resources.

CPPCC member Li Deshui said, "We never allow short-term international speculative capital within just one year to come and go at random."

CPPCC member Liang Yanjun said the current rise in CPI is structural, and that it doesn't mean overall inflation has appeared.

She said macro-policies should be used fully to stabilize prices, such as continuing to raise interest rates and personal deposit accounts should be made exempt from interest tax.

CPPCC member Zheng Jiachun said the best way to improve education in rural and remote areas is to develop a long-distance education system.

CPPCC member Zheng Jiachun said, "We should make efforts to nurture talent for rural development, this will help reduce the gap between urban and rural areas and balance development in education and economy."

CPPCC member Lai Ming gave a speech about innovation capability and suggested that a national consulting committee for science and technology should be established and that more channels are needed to raise funds for scientific achievements.

CPPCC member Wan Gang suggested green cards could be offered to Chinese people who have studied abroad and have returned to serve the country. Help should be provided to get their children into domestic schools.


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