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Chinese president stresses stablity, social harmony in Tibet

Source: Xinhua | 03-07-2008 09:02

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

BEIJING, March 6 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday stressed stability and social harmony in the Tibet Autonomous Region, joining a panel discussion with lawmakers at the ongoing session of the National People's Congress (NPC), the top legislature.

Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday talks to a deputy of the Tibet Autonomous Region in Beijing while joining the panel discussion. He stressed stability and social harmony in Tibet.(Xinhua Photo)
Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday talks to a
deputy of the Tibet Autonomous Region in Beijing 
while joining the panel discussion. He stressed 
stability and social harmony in Tibet.(Xinhua Photo)

"The stability in Tibet concerns the stability of the country, and the safety in Tibet concerns the safety of the country," Hu told the Tibet delegation to the NPC.

He urged the Tibetan lawmakers to ensure the well being of Tibetans, improve their lives, improve work related to religions and ethnic groups, and maintain social harmony and stability in the region.

Lawmakers in Tibet should carry out the Scientific Outlook on Development and promote the sound and rapid economic development, Hu said.

Senior Chinese leaders including top legislator Wu Bangguo, Premier Wen Jiabao, and Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang and Zhou Yongkang also joined panel discussions on Thursday.

While joining a discussion in the Guizhou delegation, Wu Bangguo called on the people in Guizhou Province to promptly recover from the recent snow and ice storms and minimize losses. (Xinhua Photo)
While joining a discussion in the Guizhou delegation,
Wu Bangguo called on the people in Guizhou Province 
to promptly recover from the recent snow and ice 
storms and minimize losses. (Xinhua Photo)

While joining a discussion in the Guizhou delegation, Wu Bangguo called on the people in Guizhou Province to promptly recover from the recent snow and ice storms and minimize losses.

The government of the underdeveloped southwestern province needs to put development on top of the agenda, Wu said.

Premier Wen Jiabao praised the people in Gansu Province for water conservation efforts when joining the Gansu delegation in a panel discussion, and urged the province to act as an example in the regard.(Xinhua Photo)
Premier Wen Jiabao praised the people in Gansu Province
for water conservation efforts when joining the Gansu 
delegation in a panel discussion, and urged the province
to act as an example in the regard.(Xinhua Photo)

Premier Wen Jiabao praised the people in Gansu Province for water conservation efforts when joining the Gansu delegation in a panel discussion, and urged the province to act as an example in the regard.

"Gansu people have made great achievements," Wen said. Water totaling hundreds of millions cubic meters is sent from the Heihe River in Gansu to Juyanhai in Inner Mongolia every year, which creates a lake in the Juyanhai Oasis surrounded by deserts, the premier said.

After hearing from a deputy from Dingxi, Gansu, Wen said, "I am concerned with the potato business in Dingxi. Potato there, big in size and having few eyes, is fit for French fries. You must make good use of it."

Joining deliberations with the lawmakers from the delegation of eastern Zhejiang Province, Li Changchun underlined the importance of training high-caliber personnel to greatly boost the country's cultural development.(Xinhua Photo)
Joining deliberations with the lawmakers from the 
delegation of eastern Zhejiang Province, Li Changchun
underlined the importance of training high-caliber
personnel to greatly boost the country's cultural 
development.(Xinhua Photo)

Joining deliberations with the lawmakers from the delegation of eastern Zhejiang Province, Li Changchun underlined the importance of training high-caliber personnel to greatly boost the country's cultural development.

"We should create favorable environment in the society to encourage their enthusiasm, willingness and creativity to produce more cultural works of excellence," Li said.

Xi Jinping, who joined the delegation of northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, urged the local government to give prominence to building resource-conserving, environment-friendly society in the process of industrialization and modernization. (Xinhua Photo)
Xi Jinping, who joined the delegation of northern 
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, urged the local
government to give prominence to building resource
-conserving, environment-friendly society in the 
process of industrialization and modernization. 
(Xinhua Photo)

Xi Jinping, who joined the delegation of northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, urged the local government to give prominence to building resource-conserving, environment-friendly society in the process of industrialization and modernization.

Meanwhile, he urged the local government to further improve the people's livelihood, promote unity among different ethnic groups and promote a common and prosperous development.

Joining lawmakers from Liaoning Province, Li Keqiang said that improving people's livelihood is crucial to building a harmonious society. The government should provide the public goods more effectively, so that all Chinese citizens can share the fruits of reform and development. (Xinhua Photo)
Joining lawmakers from Liaoning Province, Li Keqiang
said that improving people's livelihood is crucial 
to building a harmonious society. The government 
should provide the public goods more effectively, so
that all Chinese citizens can share the fruits of 
reform and development. (Xinhua Photo)

Joining lawmakers from Liaoning Province, Li Keqiang said that improving people's livelihood is crucial to building a harmonious society. The government should provide the public goods more effectively, so that all Chinese citizens can share the fruits of reform and development.

He Guoqiang, joining a panel discussion with legislators from Hunan Province, the worst-hit area of the snow havoc, stressed that the local government should learn from the disaster resisting and relief work, better the emergency response system and strengthen the ability to resist disasters. (Xinhua Photo)
He Guoqiang, joining a panel discussion with legislators
from Hunan Province, the worst-hit area of the snow
havoc, stressed that the local government should learn 
from the disaster resisting and relief work, better the 
emergency response system and strengthen the ability to 
resist disasters. (Xinhua Photo)

He Guoqiang, joining a panel discussion with legislators from Hunan Province, the worst-hit area of the snow havoc, stressed that the local government should learn from the disaster resisting and relief work, better the emergency response system and strengthen the ability to resist disasters.

Zhou Yongkang stressed stability while talking with NPC deputies from Heilongjiang Province. He said government officials at all levels should regard maintaining social security as the primary task..(Xinhua Photo)
Zhou Yongkang stressed stability while talking with
NPC deputies from Heilongjiang Province. He said 
government officials at all levels should regard 
maintaining social security as the primary task.
(Xinhua Photo)

Zhou Yongkang stressed stability while talking with NPC deputies from Heilongjiang Province. He said government officials at all levels should regard maintaining social security as the primary task.

He called for the stipulation and implementation of a responsibility system for security at the Olympic Games.


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