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New faces of NPC deputies


Source: | 03-05-2008 13:56

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

The NPC has some 3,000 deputies from all across the country. This new term is seeing a large proportion of new, younger faces.

26 year-old Yao Yizhou belongs to the Dong ethnic minority. He hopes to promote his native musical instrument and culture.

Kang Houming is making history.

For the first time, migrant workers have been elected as representatives to the top legislative body. Kang Houming is one of three to attend the NPC.

Kang Houming, NPC deputy from Chongqing, said, "Migrant workers need education on basic skills and colorful cultural entertainment. The government should help them upgrade their overall qualities."

China's 200 million migrant laborers power the country's economic growth. Yet they constantly struggle when it comes to wages, compensation and welfare.

Cheng Guangguo, NPC deputy from Chongqing, said, "Migrant workers are large group in society. Admitting them to the legislature signifies the government's acknowledgement that they are an important part of the country's economy."

Kang Houming has been building roads for some 30 years. He knows workers hardships first-hand and can state their case with credibility.

Cheng Guangguo said, "I'm still a migrant worker, I will speak for this group."

Kang has caught public attention. The debut of the new deputies won praise from officials and media, as a sign of progress in the development of democracy. And the average age has dropped, with some deputies in their 20s.

26 year-old Yao Yizhou belongs to the Dong ethnic minority. He hopes to promote his native musical instrument and culture.

Yao Yizhou, NPC deputy from Guizhou, said, "The government should attach greater importance to developing ethnic industry, and help the minorities live a more prosperous life."

Deputies from the workers and farmers ranks continue to increase. But the proportion of provincial officials has fallen by a third.

And over 20 percent of the deputies are women, up from last term.

Chen Ping, NPC deputy from Guizhou, said, "The status of Chinese women has changed from being traditional housewives to gradually taking part in state matters."

And all of China's 55 ethnic groups have their own deputies to represent their interests.

Xie Mingliang, NPC deputy from Hubei, said, "Putting more young people into the NPC will help absorb talents in all fields and social strata, and keep the NPC vibrant."

It's become the common aspiration of each social stratum to have its rights represented by the NPC deputy structure. The appearance of new faces among the deputies this term reflects that hope taking shape.


Editor:Zhang Ning