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A new CPPCC member´s proposal


Source: | 03-03-2008 18:18

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

CPPCC members are political advisors from around the country. They are also elite members of various professions. And as all CPPCC members will tell you, the title carriers with it responsibility and duty, as well as honor.And for the new members, it is an important beginning.

Dr. Xu is keen to study the lifestyle of the people. And this is where his proposal originated.

Individual health and social wellbeing. A good lifestyle keeps people away from illness. But are enough Chinese sufficiently aware of this or taking enough action?

This is what concerns Dr. Xu Yong. The surgeon has decided to raise a proposal as a new member of the CPPCC.

CPPCC member Dr. Xu Yong said, "I'm suggesting that the government reinforce the concept of health awareness throughout society. It is the responsibility of the individual to steer clear of bad habits for the sake of their health. But it's the government's responsibility to highlight this knowledge and to help people put it into action."

Raising a proposal is important for a newly selected CPPCC member. Dr. Xu's idea appealed to his counterparts. And they've joined him to sign on to the idea.

Members of the CPPCC put forward proposals to offer comments and suggestions on major political and social issues to the People's Congresses and the government. The suggestions are based on research.

Dr. Xu is keen to study the lifestyle of the people. And this is where his proposal originated.

Dr. Xu said, "I've had this idea in mind for a long time. I've talked to many different people and made comparisons as I travelled around the world. A suggestion to the government must be professional and close to life."

Today is a big day for the surgeon. And for all CPPCC members such as Dr. Xu the title is more than just an honor.

Dr. Xu said, "As a CPPCC member, I am not only responsible for treating patients, but also for contributing my knowledge to policy makers. I need to think in both academic and social terms."


Editor:Zhang Ning