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China steps up snow relief work

Source: | 02-28-2008 13:06

Special Report:   Winter Storm Relief

China's snow-hit southern provinces are gradually returning to stability, but much work still needs to be done. Post-disaster relief work is now focusing on taking care of people's basic livelihood and reconstruction.

China's snow-hit southern provinces are gradually returning to stability, but much work still needs to be done.
China's snow-hit southern provinces are gradually returning
to stability, but much work still needs to be done.

The central government has just increased subsidies and compensation for worst-hit provinces and areas. Every family whose house was damaged or collapsed during the snow will be given three-thousand yuan for rebuilding. And a further subsidy of three to five-thousand yuan will go to those particularly hard hit by the weather or with great financial difficulties.

In Hunan, Jiangxi and Hubei, snow has trapped tons of oranges in the three provinces. To get them moving, local governments have lowered purchasing prices, exempted all toll and fines for fruit trucks, and are paying transport companies a bonus.

Yi Changlun, deputy dorector of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Commerce, said, "The oranges cost around one yuan per kilo if we add up purchasing and freight. But they are priced at over two yuan per kilo on the market in the northeastern provinces. The profitability is still quite significant."

As market supplies resume, prices of meat, seafood, eggs and vegetables have also been returning to normal. Prices of rice, oil and dairy products remain stable.


Editor:Zhang Ning