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Handmade bags help protect environment


Source: | 02-21-2008 09:54

From this June, supermarkets and stores nationwide will no longer be allowed to provide free plastic bags. The move aims to cut the huge number of highly polluting plastic bags used in China.

78-year-old Liu Ying spends most of her days making cloth shopping bags.

78-year-old Liu Ying spends most of her days making cloth shopping bags like these.

The bags may not look fashionable, but they are well-made, designed especially for shopping, and can be used for a long time.

Liu makes three to four bags per day, and gives them to people all over her neighborhood.

Liu Ying said, "Here is a cloth bag for you. Use fewer plastic bags to protect the environment."

Liu started making bags in 1992 and has never looked back. She buys cloth in different colors, and has made over 3,000 bags.

Liu Ying's neighbor said, "We all like her bags. They are well made, and she makes different types and colors for different people."

Liu's hard work is paying off. Families in her community are gradually giving up plastic bags, and find advantages in cloth ones.

"I used plastic bags for a long time because they are very convenient. But plastic bags are bad for the environment." said Liu Ying's neighbor.

But Liu has her work cut out for China uses around three billion plastic bag every day. Liu wishes other hands would join hers to help make a cleaner environment.


Editor:Zhang Ning