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Potomac primary may change direction of tight race between Hillary and Obama


Source: | 02-13-2008 08:35

In the US presidential nomination race, the Potomac primary is underway in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. The results could change the direction of an extremely tight race between Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Polls gave Obama double-digit leads in both Maryland and Virginia. (
Polls gave Obama double-digit leads in both Maryland 
and Virginia. (

A heavy early turnout in Virginia and Maryland had voters waiting for nearly an hour in some areas.

Virginia Voter, said, "It's a really big election. I think it's probably one of the most important that we've had, at least in my generation, and that we will have in the times to come."

Polls gave Obama double-digit leads in both Maryland and Virginia, where he was counting on big wins to erase Clinton's slim delegate lead.

Clinton is banking on strong showings in Texas and Ohio on March 4th. Both candidates have already begun television advertising in those states.

Clinton began the day with 1,147 delegates, to 1,124 for Obama.

Clinton is banking on strong showings in Texas and Ohio on March 4th. (
Clinton is banking on strong showings in Texas and 
Ohio on March 4th. (

Two-thousand and 25 delegates are needed to win the nomination at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

Among Republicans, Senator John McCain, hoped to rebound in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia following a poor weekend showing.

There are 116 Republican delegates at stake.

McCain has 729 delegates.

It takes 1,191 delegates to clinch the nomination, and McCain appears to be on track to reach the target by late April.


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