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China issues class B warrants for bank corruption suspects

Source: Xinhua | 01-25-2008 07:57

BEIJING, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- Police have posted a 50,000-yuan (6,849 U.S. dollars) reward for information leading to the arrest of a Northwest China bank clerk who embezzled an "extremely large" sum of public funds.

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) have issued a class B warrant for Bai Jie, 38, who is wanted in connection with the "misappropriation of public funds".

The warrant says Bai fled with the money, but gives no further details on the case.

The procuratorate of Xining, capital of northwest Qinghai, started an investigation into the case on Sep. 17 last year.

The ministry also issued a class B warrant on Chen Xinghong, 41, who was allegedly involved in an "extremely large" graft case and fled with illegal earnings.

He has been under investigation by the Qujiang District People's Procuratorate in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, since Sep. 4 last year. Police have posted a reward of 20,000 yuan (2,739 U.S. dollars) for information leading to his arrest.

Ma Hongjiang, Huang Jianyong and Ma Jianyong are also wanted on class B warrants for the "illegal assimilation of public deposits", or using money from individuals to engage in financial activities when it should have been banked.

Their alleged activities were said to have affected more than 1,100 people and involved more than 50 million yuan (6.85 million U.S. dollars).

Police of Urumqi, capital of northwest Xinjiang, started a probe of two local companies led by the three on Oct. 9 last year.

A reward of 10,000 yuan (1,369 U.S. dollars) has been offered for information leading to the arrest of each person.

The ministry posted ID numbers and pictures of the five suspects on its website (

Warrants issued by the MPS include class A -- for emergent or extremely serious violent cases -- and class B, which are issued at the request of provincial police to arrest suspects, who have disappeared. They carry rewards of at least 10,000 yuan.


Editor:Zhang Pengfei