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CNSA publishes 4 series of moon photos taken by Chang´e-1


Source: | 12-10-2007 08:34

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The China National Space Administration (CNSA) published four series of moon pictures and some data sent back by Chang'e-1, the country's first lunar orbiter. (Xinhua Photo)

The China National Space Administration has published a series of lunar pictures composed of data sent back by the country's first lunar orbiter, Chang'e-One.

A spokesman from the administration says the craft's exploration equipment is working well.

The China National Space Administration, or CNSA, says the first picture of the moon taken by Chang'e-1 on November 26 is a landmark stage in the lunar probe project.

All exploration equipment on the Chang'e-1 is functioning correctly, and some scientific progress has already been made based on data collected.

CNSA spokesman Pei Zhaoyu said, "The Chang'e-1 is circling the moon in its precise orbit with an apogee of 194 kilometers and a perigee of 193 kilometers."

Chinese researchers are processing the data taken by the camera carried by Chang'e-1, and have produced diagrams, three-dimensional maps and elevation maps of some lunar regions.

One CNSA scientist says as data accumulates, the maps will become more precise. He says the photo shows the moon has withstood many collisions with objects in outer space.

CNSA says it will continue to publish the Chang'e One's lunar exploration data after analysis.