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Austrian-born panda officially named Fu Long


Source: | 12-05-2007 08:48

Special Report:   Giant Panda

A furry black and white panda cub has been officially named at a ceremony at Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo. He'll be known as Fu Long, which is Mandarin for "Happy Dragon" The cub is yet to make his public debut, but has already become a celebrity in Austria.

Austrian Foreign Minister, zoo directors and teenagers from a local Chinese school performing traditional dances, along with reporters, photographers and camera crews attended the ceremony.

But topping the guest list was China's ambassador to Austria and a delegation from Beijing.

Chinese ambassador to Austria Wu Ken said, "After various steps like suggestions for the name, public Internet voting, and confirmation by the China Wild Life Conservation Association, a strong name has been appointed to the panda baby. Allow me to declare in the name of the Chinese government: the name of the panda baby is Fu Long."

Fu Long was not at the ceremony. But his larger-than-life photo was projected on a screen. Fu Long was conceived naturally and born on August the 23rd.

Zoo keepers weren't sure his mother Yang Yang was pregnant.

The parents, Yang Yang and father Long Hui, are on loan from China and went to Austria four years ago.

Their mating earlier this year was documented closely by Austrian media and the cub's birth almost 130 days later dominated headlines for days.

Despite being born in Austria, Fu Long is likely to return to his homeland in about two years to find a partner of its own.


Editor:Zhang Ning