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China planning to create a multi-function satellite application network


Source: | 11-20-2007 09:01

Special Report:   Chang'e I -Journey to the Moon

China's first lunar probe, Chang'e One, is continuing its successful journey. China's space scientists say it's allowing a series of projects to create a multi-function satellite application network.

Among their goals is a satellite that can achieve a "soft-landing" on the Moon.

Scientists also want to build a satellite able to return to the Earth after collecting samples on the Moon's surface in the next three years.

Other projects include high-resolution Earth observation and new-generation carrier rockets.

China is also planning to speed up the development in the area of satellite application and its industrialization.

Scientists estimate that by 2010, the number of Chinese made satellites in space will increase from some 20, to over 60. Their reliability will also be largely improved.

Chinese space scientist Luo Ge said, "The lifespan of polar-orbiting satellites will be increased from two to three years to up to five years. Currently, communication satellites in China have a designed lifespan of up to eight years. It will be extended to 15 years."

Scientists say China will establish a satellite application system to meet the demands of the country's economy, social development and public security. More than 10 networks are expected to be established serving such needs as long-distance education and navigation.

They say by 2020, 80 percent of satellite's ground-control instruments will be made in China.


Editor:Zhang Ning