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Online dating popular in China´s big cities


Source: | 10-29-2007 09:43

Too busy with your work for romance? Try going on-line! This dating trend is becoming increasingly popular in big cities, especially among workaholic white collars. And dot com companies are all too willing to play matchmaker.

Ms. Liang is a professional living in Beijing. Two years ago she tried her luck by registering on an online dating site. She found her "Mr. Right" in the e-world.

Ms. Liang said, "I think its not important where we met. The point is that the network provided us with a platform to communicate with more people. Without this network we would not even be able get to know each other."

But some are not as lucky as Ms Liang.

Ms. Li said, "It's all-right, it's just a good way to enlarge my circle of friends ."

Online dating has been hot in foreign countries for years. But it only caught on with young Chinese about two years ago. Now there are over 1,000 web-sites providing dating services free of charge to some 8 million registered members.

A survey shows that over 70 percent of respondents hold a bachelors degree. Many of them believe they are single because their social circle is too narrow.

Wang Zhenyu, research staff of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said, "White Collars are familiar with the Internet, so its easy for them to accept online dating. They are working in a very modern way, in front of the Internet all day. But they actually don't have contact with a lot of people."

A Beijing resident said, "I think it's a good way. I lead a very busy life and don't have a big social circle." said a Beijing resident.

"I won't be looking for a date online, it's ridiculous. I hope to find someone in real life." said a Beijing resident.

The mixed reactions to this form of dating won't stop the business trend. With searching and matching services quickly improving, it could become easier to find "Mr. or Miss. Right" on-line than in the real world.