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Chang´e One to complete 2nd orbital transfer


Source: | 10-26-2007 15:15

Special Report:   Chang'e I -Journey to the Moon

China's first lunar probe Chang'e One is sceduled to complete its second orbital transfer at 530 pm Beijing time. It's another key move in its 380,000kilometer journey to the moon.

The second orbital transfer will send the satellite into a 24-hour trajectory. Chang'e One will orbit the earth along the new trajectory for three days.

The mission is an important test of the tracking and control system, one designed and built entirely by China. And so far, it's brought good news to the scientists.

Zhang Bo, Chief designer of CHANG'E 1 Tracking & Control System, said, "According to the data from the Beijing and Xichang centers, the orbit of Chang'e 1 is exactly what we predicted."

There will be two more orbital transfers, and the designer says the last is the most important.

Chang'e 1 is expected to enter the earth-moon transfer orbit next Wednesday, and the moon's orbit five days later. The orbiter will relay the first lunar pictures in late November and continue scientific explorations for a year.