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Rural children exempted from tuition


Source: | 10-17-2007 09:42

From this year, all Chinese children in rural areas are exempted from paying tuition in primary and junior middle schools. And students from low income families can receive preferential treatment. The government's efforts in providing equal opportunities for education are beginning to pay off.

It may be a difficult road, but these twins walk all the way to school every day. Cao Dayong and Cao Xiaoyong are from a low income rural family and their tuition fees used to be a burden on their family. But they are now beneficiaries of the government's initiative to exempt rural children from paying fees.

Cao Xiaoyong said "It used to be very difficult for my parents to earn the 200 yuan in tuition fees. But now the financial burden is greatly relieved."

The policy has enabled many rural children from poor families to stay at school.

The policy has already benefited over one hundred and five million primary and junior middle school students.

The government has also implemented preferential policies for college students allowing every freshman to be enrolled even if they can't afford to pay tuition. Universities will provide scholarships, work-study programs or exempt students from paying tuition to help them complete their higher education.

Zhou Ji, Minister of Education said "To describe the new system in one sentence, it provides 500 million yuan to benefit 20 million students every year."

China -- the world's most populous country -- has tried to provide an education to every single one of its children and it is now becoming a reality.


Editor:Xiong Qu