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Kosovo talks end in Brussels without progress


Source: | 10-15-2007 15:43

Slobodan Samardzic, Serbian Minister for Kosovo(File photo))

Talks on the future of Kosovo ended on Sunday in Brussels without substantial progress. Mediators plan their next meeting with leaders from Belgrade and Pristina on October 22nd in Vienna.

Sunday's negotiations in Brussels, mediated by Europe, the US and Russia, saw both parties present proposals on Kosovo's future.

Belgrade suggests autonomy for Kosovo within Serbia, while Pristina proposes friendship and cooperation between two independent states and full implementation of minority rights.

Neither side has given any indication of budging. Both say they will continue to abide by their commitment made in Vienna to refrain from any provocative acts or statements that might jeopardize the security and stability of the region or the process.

Slobodan Samardzic, Serbian Minister for Kosovo, said, "We must be free to negotiate. And if any side is limited with some prejudging and some promises with unilateral threats of proclaiming independence, or unilateral recognition of Kosovo, it would have disturbed this process which started today."

The EU said the Troika of mediators intends to be vigorous and proactive in helping the parties reach an agreement.

The Troika will work with the parties to identify areas of common perspective that might open a path to a solution and meet the parties in Vienna next month, followed by an intensive schedule of face-to-face meetings in the following weeks.

The mediators are due to report back to UN chief Ban Ki-moon on December the 10th, a deadline for a deal.