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Beijing dedicating to improving environment for Olympics


Source: | 09-27-2007 08:49

Special Report:   2008 Olympics Countdown

Environmental concerns continue to grow as the Beijing Olympics get nearer.

BOCOG released an environment report for Beijing Olympics and Paralympic Games on Wednesday. The report describes the city's efforts to improve the environment over the last six years.

BOCOG environment official Yu Xiaoxuan said the city has done a lot of hard work to fulfill the city's promise to stage an environmentally friendly Olympic Games.

Yu said, "We've done a lot in many aspects, such as energy, controlling car pollution, dealing with industrial pollution, planting trees, preventing water pollution and waste management. We can see from the report that Beijing has made great efforts to put the plan into action. "

BOCOG has received some encouragement for its achievements.

"BOCOG was selected to receive the Public Awareness Award, honored by the United Nations Environment Program on September 16th. It was the International Ozone Day." said Yu.

And the 7th World Conference on Sports and Environment will be held in Beijing late next month. Themed "from Plan to Action", the conference will showcase the opportunities and challenges for Beijing.

400 representatives, including IOC president Jacques Rogue will attend the conference, and he will give the IOC's evaluation on how Beijing is doing.


Editor:Zhang Ning