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China ready to strengthen cooperation on global nuclear energy


Source: | 09-18-2007 11:53

China and fifteen other states have signed on to the principles of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, or GNEP. The second ministerial conference has just closed in Vienna.

38 ministers and senior officials from various countries attended the conference at the IAEA headquarters on Sunday. Also present were key intergovernmental organizations such as the IAEA and Eurotom.

The GNEP goal is to make full use of nuclear power for expanding global energy, while reducing the dangers of nuclear proliferation and controling radioactive waste.

It also aims over the next few decades to commission proliferation-resistant nuclear reactors with assured international supplies of fuel. This is to curb dependence on oil and gas, fuels blamed for greenhouse gases triggering climate change.

The head of the Chinese delegation, Chen Deming said China has set its policies for a closed nuclear fuel cycle for the development of power generation.