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National quality chief checks food safety


Source: | 08-29-2007 10:05

China's senior quality supervisor has been inspecting some food markets in Beijing.

Li Changjiang says the government is working harder to ensure safety and quality of foods, so that consumers don't have to worry about what they eat.

At a supermarket, the nation's top supervisor came to find out about the quality of baby milk formula.

Naitonal quality chief, Li Changjiang said, "Milk powder is crucial for the health of infants, but the infants themselves can't tell whether the powder is good. So it's very important to monitor the manufacturers and make sure they're doing a good job."

At a wholesale market of farm produce, Li asked several customers about food safety. He was told they were not too concerned.

This was because there is a food safety inspection center right in the market, and everyday the center makes random checks of products to ensure they are safe to eat.

Li Changjiang selected some vegetables to check whether there's pesticide left on them. He was satisfied with the result.

He also inspected the kitchens of several restaurants in the suburbs. Although the restaurants are small, Li said they all have licenses and are up to the national sanitary standard.


Editor:Yang Jie