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Bangladesh lifts curfew in major cities


Source: | 08-28-2007 08:44

A Bangladeshi woman looks behind her from a rickshaw while soldiers patrol on trucks in the old area of Dhaka. Bangladesh's military-backed government on Monday lifted the curfew that had been imposed on six main cities to quell public disorder, an official said.(AFP/Lalage Snow)

The Bangladeshi government has lifted the curfew imposed on six major cities, including the capital Dhaka. The curfew was imposed last Wednesday after violent student protests resulted in one death and hundreds of injuries.

Police say no major incident has happened since the curfew began. At one point, authorities lifted the curfew temporarily to allow people to buy food and other necessities.

The unprecedented student protests erupted last Monday following a brawl at a football game between students of Dhaka University and soldiers living on campus.

The demonstrations began after soldiers beat some of the students. They demanded the removal of the army camp from the campus. As the protests escalated, the government withdrew the army camp.


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