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S. Korean hostage pleads for help in call with journalist

Source: | 08-06-2007 10:14

During a recent telephone conversation with a journalist, South Korean hostage Lim Hyun-joo pleaded with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to take action to secure their release. The 32-year-old nurse speaks Dari and acts as translator for the group of the South Koreans.

Lim Hyun-joo said, "We have been here for seventeen days everyday it's really hard to survive. We really want to go home, we are all sick and weak especially (inaudible name) and (inaudible name) Please save us, we really want to go home. We are all innocent people, we came here to help these people but now we are all sick. I don't know how long we can survive, also please no war, if there is going to be a war we are going to be really in danger."


Editor:Du Xiaodan