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China protests unfriendly FBI advertisements


Source: | 07-11-2007 09:52

An ad placed by the FBI in three Chinese-language newspapers in San Francisco is drawing critisizm from Beijing. The ad asks for information about Beijing-sponsored espionage targeting the United States.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang says the ad's allegation of spying is completely unfounded.

Qin Gang said, "China's national security departments do their best to safeguard the country's security and interests in accordance with Chinese laws. They've never tried to overthrow other governments or damage other countries' sovereignty or national interests. China urges the US government to take effective measures to correct the wrongs it has done, and stop doing things that will damage Sino-US relations."

At the press conference, Qin Gang also spoke about the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue. Although he did not provide a specific date for the next round of the six-party talks, he said China is helping to bring about a meeting in mid-July for the heads of the six delegations.


Editor:Du Xiaodan