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Extreme weather hits Europe


Source: | 06-22-2007 16:50

Europe is experiencing mixed weather. Southern areas are baking in a heatwave while the west has been hit by heavy rainstorms that have killed two Austrians.

Temperatures in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey in southern Europe are above seasonal norms. The scorching heat has started to affect daily life in the city.

Many locals are heading for the beach to cool off as the temperature hovers around 35 degrees Celsius.

The heatwave has already killed 19 people in southern Europe and emergency service phone lines are running hot.

Over in western Europe, Germany has been drenched by a heavy rain storm leading to widespread floods.

People have been forced to wade through deep floodwaters and push their vehicles out of the water.

Several flights were cancelled at Frankfurt airport Europe's third largest airport.

And in Austria, a sudden storm mixed with heavy rain killed two people in the capital of Vienna.

Hail fell in some areas across Austria, stalling regional train services and leading to power outages and many traffic accidents.


Editor:Du Xiaodan