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China deeply concerns over Lee Teng-hui´s visit to Japan


Source: | 05-30-2007 14:32

The Chinese government says it's deeply concerned about Lee Teng-hui's visit to Japan this week. The former Taiwan leader started an 11-day visit to Japan today.

The Japanese government says Lee's visit is just a tourist trip and will not affect Sino-Japanese ties. But China's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu is urging the Japanese government to respect its commitment to opposing Taiwan independence.

Jiang Yu, spokeswoman, said, "We urge the Japanese government to treat China's deep concern with due regard, and obey the principles in the three key political documents between China and Japan especially the Sino-Japanese Joint Communique. We hope the Japanese government will carry out its commitment to opposing Taiwan independence with concrete deeds and not provide any space for Taiwan independence forces."


Editor:Du Xiaodan