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Fighting corruption focused in top legal officials´ report


Source: | 03-13-2007 17:16

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC sessions

China is speeding up reform of its legal system to achieve the goal of rule of law. In work reports delivered to the NPC session, China's top legal officials say fighting corruption has been the focus of their work during the past year.

Chief judge Xiao Yang told lawmakers the Supreme People's Court has punished criminals according to law, which contributes to national security and social stability. He says the death penalty review has been strengthened, and human rights have been protected in the legal process. Xiao adds, Chinese courts will continue serious punishment for the crimes of corruption, bribery and dereliction of duty according to law.

Xiao Yang said, "Chinese courts heard 23,733 cases of embezzlement, bribery and dereliction of duty in 2006, among which 8,310 were bribery cases involving government employees. A total of 825 convicted government officials above the county level were sentenced by courts last year, of the convicted, nine were provincial- or ministerial-level officials and 92 were at the prefectural level."

Procurator-General Jia Chunwang told the deputies that last year the procuratorates became more focused in their prosecution and supervision roles. The top procurator says the body has clamped down hard on corruption and misconduct.

Jia Chunwang, said, "Investigations of 45 major cases were launched with special actions and supervision last year. Staff of the State Food and Drug Administration involved in the cases of bribery and dereliction of duty in the process of pharmaceutical registration and drug-approval were dealt with."

China's two main legal systems have strengthened their efforts in promoting anti-corruption work, and effectively handled cases concerning people's immediate interests.

The country is now on its way to perfecting its legal system. And the supreme court and the supreme procuratorate have basically formed a net to prevent, to supervise, to investigate and to punish any criminals that jeopardize social stability.


Editor:Du Xiaodan