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Issues relating to public interest to be major focus of deputies´s attention

Source: | 03-04-2007 13:20

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC

For more on the upcoming NPC session, let's cross over LIVE to our reporter Liu Ying, standing by at the Great Hall of the People.

Q1. Liu Ying, how does this year's session compare with previous sessions? Any special significance?

LY: This session will be the last one of the current NPC. About two third of all the deputies will be changed from next year's session. And this session is particularly important because it precedes the 17th National Congress of the CPC, which is scheduled for the latter half of 2007. Among the highlights on the agenda -- two very important laws -- the Property Rights Law and Corporate Income Tax Law -- are expected to be approved during this year's session. Because of these, this event has attracted unprecedented interest and attention from the media. So far, some 2,000 domestic and foreign journalists have registered with the NPC's press center for coverage of the event. And foreign media applications have exceeded last year's total.

Q2. You mentioned the property rights law and enterprise income tax law. Can you tell us why these two bills are in the spotlight?

LY: The two laws are attracting so much attention because of their anticipated profound influence in the country. The property rights law, the first of its kind in China, is related to the country's fundamental economic system. And it is also closely connected to the lives of the people. Various issues, ranging from compensation paid for land use to ownership of neighborhood parking places will be clarified in the law. One major highlight is that the draft law affirms that both state and private property should be protected equally. The bill has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. So far it has gone through seven readings. That's more reviews than any other bill by the NPC Standing Committee. You know, usually, a bill needs to undergo three readings before it is approved by the NPC.

With regard to the new Enterprise Income Tax Law, one important objective of the law is to equalize the corporate tax rates for both domestic and foreign enterprises operating in China. Thus, the law is closely connected to their interests. That's why it is attracting a lot of attention.

Q3. What other issues do you think will be in the spotlight during this year's NPC session?

LY: I think issues relating to the interest of the general public will be a major focus of attention for NPC deputies. This trend was already seen during previous NPC and CPPCC sessions at the provincial level. I think the legislators will especially focus on issues relating to the building of a harmonious society. This, as well as other issues that directly impact the lives of citizens, such as medical care, education, social security and disparity in incomes.


Editor:Liu Fang