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CPPCC members: Government is doing its job

Source: | 03-04-2007 12:51

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC

More than 22-hundred CPPCC National Committee members were at the opening ceremony of the annual CPPCC session on Saturday. They gave the CPPCC National Committee high marks over the past year for efforts continuing China's development and improve quality of life.

The CPPCC members discuss suggestions and proposals on China's political, economic, social and cultural affairs over the next 12 days.

They say they will do their best to create a harmonious society in China.

CPPCC member Tian Lan said, "We are here to let the government know what the people want, and what the people need."

2006 is the first year of the 11th five year plan. And the central government says the role of the CPPCC National Committee should be enhanced.

Members say political consultation and democratic supervision have been improved. This, as they play an increasingly important role in the country's decision making process.

Another CPPCC member Yin Mingshan said, "Consultations should be done before the government makes decisions and implements them, and we have done that."

Members say they have been satisfied with the response of the government more than 98 percent of their proposals were handled by the government in the past year.

CPPCC member Tao Siliang said, "One of the achievements has been the cancellation of paying extra fees for transportation during the Spring Festival."

CPPCC member Liu Yuyang said, "I proposed speeding up the process of manufacturing cheap medicine in the past two year, and the government has responded positively to my proposal."

Recent surveys show that citizens are mainly concerned about medical services, education, agriculture, housing and other sectors.

Xiong Shengxiang, CPPCC member, said, "I think medical services in rural areas should be improved."

Another CPPCC member Wen Dazhong said, "We should increase the incomes of migrant workers via the government's macro control and supervision."

The CPPCC's top priority this year is creating a harmonious society.

The members of the advisory body now have clearer ideas and suggestions on how to achieve that goal.


Editor:Liu Fang