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CPPCC members convene in Beijing


Source: | 03-04-2007 10:51

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC

China's top supervisory and advisory body which opened its annual session today in Beijing.

The CPPCC's top priority this year is creating a harmonious society. The members of the advisory body now have clearer ideas and suggestions on how to achieve that goal.

On a chilly and rainy weekend, more than two-thousand CPPCC members, or senior Chinese political advisors, convene in Beijing from around the country. After five years, these advisors have formed clear views on how to make Chinese society more harmonious.

Sun Xiyue, CPPCC member, said, "Currently, a big challenge to creating a harmonious society is that the gap between the allocation of resources has widened since the opening-up. Some department employees have high salaries, consumption and high reception standards. If this is neglected, the common people will be unsatisfied."

Zhang Qianhong, CPPCC member, said, "A harmonious society needs social fairness which must relate to the common people's daily life, such as employment, social security, and education. Building the harmonious society should be more than just a slogan. That is why we are here."

It is never an easy task to realize fairness in a society. How to the keep the pace and maintain the balance is another challenge for the advisors.

Liu Quanfang, another CPPCC member, said, "Achieving social fairness takes time. Fairness is not efficiency. So over-emphasizing social fairness leads to slower social development, and over-emphasizing efficiency make the gap between people widen. I suggest we use the tax regulation to adjust the gap between rich and poor."

Harmony has become the highlight of this term of the CPPCC. Many of the members have shifted their focus from economic development to establishing a harmonious environment.

Jia Qinglin, Chairman of CPPCC National Committee, said, "Everyone shares the responsibility for making society harmonious and everyone benefits from a harmonious society. We need to get the CPPCC to fully play its role in balancing relations, focusing strength, making proposals and serving the overall interests of the country so as to promote harmonious relations among political parties, ethnic groups, religions, social groups, and compatriots at home and overseas."

To build a harmonious society is a long and difficult task but it is strengthening the bond between the government and people from all walks of life.

Last year the CPPCC received nearly 5-thousand opinions from people. This year, members have brought well-prepared proposals to help work for more unity.

At the end of this current five-year term, advisors will focus their attention on social fairness, as the first and the most crucial task towards the country's ambition in building up an all-round harmonious society.


Editor:Liu Fang