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Proposals submitted to CPPCC


Source: | 03-03-2007 08:20

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC

CPPCC members are busy submitting their proposals. As the country's political advisors, they are focusing attention on how to help the government build a harmonious society. Feng Jinchao has more.

There's not a moment to spare the day before the opening of the session. Collecting proposals from CPPCC members is top of these people's agenda. In the coming days, thousands of suggestions will be put on the table, before being submitted to the session.

Liang Leining, CPPCC Office for Handling Proposals, said "We will categorize the proposals, make sure which government department is responsible for each, and then they will be checked and printed out before heading to the session."

The CPPCC members are the country's political advisors. And these proposals are the result of their work over the past year. Members listen to people's complaints, carry out investigations, and then raise their suggestions to the government.

Liang said "In the proposals submitted so far, members mainly focus on issues relating to people's daily life, such as health care and education. They're also concerned about constructing the new socialist countryside and building a harmonious society. And financially, some gave suggestions on the tax adjustment and breaks."

Advisors still have a week to submit proposals. The members represent a full range of sectors, and they're using this opportunity to help the government establish a harmonious society.


Editor:Du Xiaodan