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China consistent in opposing outer space arms race

Source: Xinhuanet | 02-28-2007 13:58

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC

BEIJING, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- China on Tuesday said it had a consistent stance on the peaceful use of outer space and opposes space-based weapons.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang made the remarks at a regular press conference when asked to comment on U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's recent speech on China's military development during his visit to Australia.

Cheney said China's military build-up and its anti-satellite weapons test were not consistent with its stated goal of peaceful development.

China has always opposed to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and has urged the international community to conclude a treaty banning space-based weapons, Qin said.

China will stay the road of peaceful development, and is an important force for safeguarding world peace and promoting world development, Qin said, adding that the Chinese stance on and role in the Six-Party Talks were evidence of this.

China has won wide praise from the international community, especially from the Asia-Pacific states, for its efforts to resolve the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, Qin said.

China is willing to work with the U.S. to deal with differences and promote the constructive relationship between the two countries, Qin added.


Editor:Du Xiaodan