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Low water levels in Yangtze river cause alarm

Source: | 02-16-2007 09:50

Falling water levels in the Yangtze River are causing alarm. As Chen Tingjie finds out, the plummeting water level is hurting people's livelihoods, and causing huge economic losses.

The continuously lowering water level and drought along the Yangtze River has led to economic losses of nearly 18 billion yuan in 2006. They include food losses of more than 22 million tons and a drinking water shortage troubling the river's nearly 20 million residents.

Wang Jun, director Yangtaze water resources Commission, said, With the lowering water level, we have to adjust the position of the pipes for water intake. In addition, since the water level is decreasing, it is less sufficient in self cleaning, making water quality decrease.

The lowering water level is also squeezing out living space for fish, which in turn makes life more difficult, for fishers.

Yao Meizi, fisherman, said, I earned only 7,000 yuan from fishing last year. But I used to earn more than 10 thousand a yar.

Authorities say since mid 2006, global warming has caused a shortage in rainfalls, which led to the lowering water level.

The Yangtze River is one of the busiest water ways across China. Cargo transportation volume along the river hit nearly 1 billion tons last year, a 15 percent increase from the year 2005.


Editor:Du Xiaodan