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China indigenous 3rd-generation Jian-10 (Fighter-10) makes debut


Source: | 01-06-2007 11:49

China's indigenous third-generation Jian-10 (Fighter-10) makes its debut in Beijing January 5, 2007. The airplane is manufactured by the China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC I) based on the country's own Intellectual Property Rights. [Xinhua]

China's Aviation Industry Corporation has unveiled its latest accomplishment, the Jian-10 fighter jet. The aircraft is the newest member of the country's air force.

Showing great pride and satisfaction, China's Aviation Industry Corporation unveiled its latest creation.

The air force has already begun putting the powerful, new generation fighter jet to work. The development of the new jet is considered a leap forward for China's air force.

Code-named Jian-10, it is the third-generation multi-functional combat aircraft designed and made entirely in China. Efforts to build the jet began 20 years ago.

The chief designer, Song Wencong said "We solved all the problems as well as combined all the advantages. That makes it one of the most advanced jet fighters in the world."

It has reminded people of the FC-4 fighter that came out last April. In both cases, China has been neither shy nor secretive about the aircraft's potentials. This is in sharp contrast to the low profile design and construction of the fighter jets.

Jian-10 comes in two versions: single-seaters and twin-seaters. Both contain state-of-the-art electronic and control systems. In the areas of air maneuverability, low flying, and short take-offs, designers suggest the fighter jet is superior to its western counterparts.


Editor:Du Xiaodan