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Full Text: China´s National Defense in 2006

Source: Xinhuanet | 12-29-2006 15:55

BEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- The Information Office of the State Council published a white paper titled "China's National Defense in 2006" here Friday. Following is the full text:

China's National Defense in 2006

Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China

December 2006, Beijing



I. The Security Environment

II. National Defense Policy

III. China's Leadership and Administration System for National Defense

IV. The People's Liberation Army

Completing the Reduction of 200,000 Troops

Development of the Services and Arms

Military Training

Political Work

Logistical Support

Weaponry and Equipment

Military Legal System

Military Institutional Education

Management System of Military Cadres

Supporting the Government and Loving the People

V. People's Armed Police Force

Structure and Organization

Basic Tasks

Force Building

VI. National Defense Mobilization and Reserve Force

Mobilization of the Armed Forces

Mobilization of the National Economy

Civil Air Defense

Militia Force Building

Reserve Force Building

VII. Border and Coastal Defense

Border and Coastal Defense System

Building Border and Coastal Defense

Ensuring the Stability of Border Areas

VIII. Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

IX. Defense Expenditure

X. International Security Cooperation

Regional Security Cooperation

Honoring Commitment to International Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

Military Exchanges and Cooperation

Participation in UN Peacekeeping Operations and International Disaster Relief Operations