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White Paper: China active in UN peacekeeping missions

Source: Xinhuanet | 12-29-2006 13:50

BEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- China has actively participated in UN peacekeeping operations and international disaster relief operations, says a white paper issued here Friday by the Information Office of the State Council.

Titled "China's National Defense in 2006", the white paper says that since 1990, China has sent 5,915 military personnel to participate in 16 UN peacekeeping operations. Eight lost their lives and several dozens were wounded on duty.

Since 2000, China has sent 893 peacekeeping police officers to seven mission areas. At present, China has 1,487 military peacekeeping personnel serving in nine UN mission areas and the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, the paper says.

Among them, according to the paper, 92 military observers and staff officers, 175 engineering troops and 43 medical personnel are in Congo (Kinshasa); 275 engineering troops, 240 transportation troops and 43 medical personnel are in Liberia; 275engineering troops, 100 transportation troops and 60 medical personnel are in Sudan; and 182 engineering troops are in Lebanon.

China also has a total of 180 peacekeeping police officers in Liberia, Kosovo, Haiti and Sudan.

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has actively participated in the international disaster relief operations conducted by the Chinese government, says the paper.

It has set up an emergency command mechanism, sent personnel to join specialized rescue teams, provided equipment, and assisted in mission-oriented training.

In the past two years, PLA personnel have joined China's international rescue teams in international rescue operations after the Indian Ocean tsunami and the earthquakes in Pakistan and Indonesia.

They have conducted search and rescue operations for people in distress, treatment of the sick and injured and prevention of epidemics, and assisted the Chinese government in providing relief materials to disaster-stricken countries, says the paper.


Editor:Du Xiaodan