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Fiji army chief says to clean-up the government


Source: | 12-01-2006 09:55

In Fiji, military commander Frank Bainarama is giving the country's government until Friday afternoon to meet his demands. Otherwise he will remove the government in what he calls a "peaceful transition."

The Chinese Foreign Ministry says China is paying close attention to the situation in Fiji and hopes the island nation will maintain its stability.

The army chief called on the government to "join a clean-up campaign" organized by the military. He set a deadline of noon Friday for the government to abandon three contentious bills, formally remove Fiji's police chief from his post, and meet other demands.

Frank Bainarama, Fiji's military commander,said, "If by tomorrow afternoon they have not answered to our demands, then we will take it for granted that we have been endorsed to do the cleaning up campaign in Fiji."

In a statement broadcast nationally, Fijian Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said the government would suspend work on the bills the military objects to. And he hopes there will be peace in Fiji.

He said, "The real hope is that we can achieve what we all want for our country and that is peace, stability and the rule of law, democracy and the acceptance of dialogue and consensus."

Bainimarama and Qarase have been in a bitter dispute often for almost two years, and the commander has repeatedly threatened to force the government out if Qarase doesn't accede to his demands.

On Wednesday, the two met in New Zealand, but neither side was able to defuse the political tension.


Editor:Du Xiaodan