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NPC achievements


03-14-2006 17:29

Over the past 10 days, NPC deputies and CPPCC members have discussed and approved a number of reports including the eleventh Five Year Development Program. The achievements of the annual sessions will become a new starting point for the country's ongoing reform and opening up.

The goal of the eleventh five-year program is to achieve rapid, healthy and well-balanced development.

During the annual session, the Chinese government reiterated its firm push for reform and opening up -- to take the country into a new era.

Wen said: "We must sustain steady, rapid economic development, speed-up our ways of achieving this economic growth and improve China's capacity for independent innovation. We must also balance development between urban and rural areas and between regions, as well as intensify efforts to build a harmonious society, deepen reforms, and open wider to the outside world."

The NPC deputies and the CPPCC members gave positive responses to the Premier's government report and the eleventh five-year economic and social development program.

The eleventh five-year program was approved with thirty-four amendments - following further suggestions from the deputies.

Another highlight of the annual session was the proposal to develop a new socialist countryside. Government investment will be reoriented by shifting the priority in infrastructure investment to the countryside.

The central government has decided to invest another forty billion yuan -- about five billion US dollars -- in agriculture and rural areas this year.

This, to help the country solve a variety of rural challenges, considered the biggest barriers to rapid development.

Yin Chengjie, vice minister of Ministry of Agriculture, said: "A New Socialist Countryside is the expectation of thousands of millions of Chinese farmers. It means advanced production, an improved livelihood, a civilized social atmosphere, as well as clean and tidy villages, and efficient management."

During the sessions, the government stressed its utmost sincerity in achieving peaceful reunification with Taiwan. It also emphasized that China's development will continue following a peaceful road.

The annual session of the National People's Congress also approved the reports of the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuraterate. And also the 2006 Budget.

Meanwhile, China's top advisory body, the CPPCC, received five thousand and thirty proposals on various issues. Among them were many suggestions on the eleventh Five-year Program.

The number of speeches by the members of the CPPCC to the session was the highest ever.

After the NPC session, deputies spoke highly of the achievements.

NPC deputy Shi Jixing said: "The 11th Five year program will be the guideline for more balanced development over the next five years. "

NPC deputy Bai Xiuhua said: "People from the countryside in the country's west, are greatly interested in the rural policies mentioned in the government report and the Development Program. Now it's our job to follow through."

Every March witnesses the annual sessions of the top legislature and top advisory... Every session has its own special achievements. The events of this month will not only guide development and the construction of a new socialist countryside over the next five years, but also China's determination to create a harmonious society.


Editor:Wang Ping