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央视国际 2003年06月13日 16:04

  C1 上海 曹一俊


  Who can really comprehend this unique world?

  Who can truly live with happiness?

  For a long time, I have been thinking about that somewhat philosophical question, which actually misleads me by memories of the rich or some important person like that. But I don’t think this is the right answer.

  So how can we be motivated and empowered to face the world with joy? I remember Vincent Van Gogh, one of the greatest artitists in the 19th Century. Maybe the hues demonstrated in his works are so touching and energetic, and these bright colors, lines were actually the traces of his soul and existence. Vincent surpassed every one of us.

  Masters are no different from us. They never run counter to life, on the contrary, they love life more than we do.

  As for myself, I’m usually thinking about the meaning of life: trust, sincerity, ambition, but the most important thing is love. By all means, love. I want my life to be the demonstration of “ love ”, though it may mean sadness. I don’t want it to be contaminated by the hazy, pessimistic attitude to life. As a student majoring in Arabic, at last I just wanna recite a few lines written by Gibran:

  “ To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving;

  To rest at the noon hour and meditate love’s ecstasy;

  To return home at eventide with gratitude;

  And then to sleep with a pray for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips. ”

  C2 福建 严懿

  Going through the Cornfield

  All seasons begin with a rain in the spring, all lives start with the baby’s loud cry, and every story begins with a question.

  Why am I coming to this contest?

  Many people have asked me the question ever since I made the decision to compete in the contest. I always replied with a smile and a story from my reading. The story is called “Going through the Cornfield”. You are the leading character in the story. You and your rivals are supposed to get to the other side of the field as quick as possible while finding the best corn you have come across in the field. But you have never given a serious thought to the reason why you are in the contest. However, the intricate roads in the field prompt you to reckon whether you should have a try when there is an opportunity; the traps in the field have brought you to the realization that cooperation is the best course of action when the difficulty is the enemy of all. At last, you find the answer. After all these things, you finally come to the conclusion that life is a huge cornfield and you would never know what’s going to happen. You decide to go because you do not want to miss the challenge of life; you decide to go because you know the cornfield is a place of growth, a place where you grow up with the corns, not a place that produces the end.

  And right here and now, I am going through my cornfield.

  C3 山东 闫婷婷

  Definition of Beauty

  Beauty, such a charming and radiant word, is what numerous ordinary people have been searching for and striving for, but it doesn’t mean we have really got the true definition of beauty, A large number of heads lose their directions on the way of their achieving beauty. One obvious and decisive reason is that they don’t have the right outlook on life, and world, they have just got the surface meaning of beauty instead of the deeper content of it.

  Wandering about streets, youngsters with dyed hair and fashionable clothes can be seen everywhere, but can they really be called beautiful? No, I don’t think so. There is still a long distance between those champions of various beauty contests and them.

  Apart from those beauties who are close to perfect, there are also other kinds of beauties.

  Deng Yaping, who is very short, is crowned in world table-tennis field. Her perseverance and strong will won respects from all over the world. Of course she is also a beauty in our hearts.

  Woopie Goldberg, an unattractive woman, won her wide recognition in Hollywood, she is so indomitable and unyielding to fate and we can’t deny that she is also a beauty.

  So in another word, beauty contains internal beauty and external beauty. External beauty is temporary and it will fade away with the days passing by, while internal beauty is ever lasting and the trace of time will add flavor to it.

  So dear fellows, let’s all strive for the true definition of beauty and let you be a real beauty.

  C4 广东 谢睿

  Through the Camera Lens

  Believe it or not, my hobby of taking pictures has changed the way I look at our world. I used to see, through the camera lens, only the good things in nature, and in society.

  Then a trip in Yunnan made a big change in what I see through my camera. As you all know, Yunnan has beautiful scenery—green hills and clear waters. During an excursion in the countryside, I was attracted by some nice little houses in tranquil surroundings. I pointed my camera at them. As I was about to press the button, my eyes fell on some grayish queer-looking things dangling form a bamboo pole spanning (or “resting on”?) two small trees in front of a house. When I took a closer look, I saw a dozen carcasses of birds, all plucked and gutted, being dried in the sun. I was shocked by this scene. How can human beings be so cruel to these innocent creatures? Don’t we share the earth with them? If the ecological balance is upset, how can the human race survive and be happy? I was sickened by such wonton killing of protected animals, by this downright stupid act. I took a picture of this awful scene, not to show that I have been to this place, but to remind myself and all who see it, that we are faced with ecological disasters.

  It’s not enough just to record and condemn such a savage act. Let’s do something before it is too late.

  C5 辽宁 孙婧姣

  About love

  The best and most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched. It must be felt with the heart, and that is love.

  Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in the world. With this thought, I find myself a phenomenal girl. Even though not tall or beautiful, the love for myself makes me feel confident and happy every day. I try to appreciate everything around me- the people, the life I am living and the world that I am in and thus I have noticed how nice it is to love and be loved.

  I can’t forget grandma’s response when my little cousin spilled honey all over her brand new carpet. Instead of blaming her, she just knelt down, looked tenderly into the little girl’s tearful eyes and said: “Don’t worry dear, we can get you more honey later.” And we can all imagine how warm that little girl finds her heart is. See, those kind words are short and easy to say, but their echoes are truly endless. That’s where the greatness of love lies.

  I can still remember the poor little boy’s thankful look when my big brother took him into the store and bought him a Christmas present. He was so surprised that he asked: “Are you God, sir?” “No, I am just one of his children.” “Oh, I know you had to be some relation.” and I see this as what love means to be. The love we give away is the only love we keep.

  So don’t be so mean only to bury your love in the corner of your heart. When living in the world that is full of terror and war, doubt and sorrow it’s everyone’s duty to send their love to themselves and to others. If your love can stop one heart from breaking, if your love can ease one life from aching or cool one pain, if your love can help one fainting robin onto his nest again, you are not living in vain. And I am sure the spreading love is the only way to save and heal the world as well as ourselves.

  C6 重庆 成林

  Challenges Make My World Colourful

  Good morning, ladies and gentleman.Can you guess how old I am? I’m thirty years old now and probably the oldest contestant to participate in this glorious English competition. But half a month ago when I got the information that I could take part in the final competition, my friends and relatives advised me not to come. One of their two strong reasons is that the contest is for the young, and I’m already thirty; the other is that I will possibly meet my students on the same stage. If I failed, I would feel ashamed. I only smiled to them kindly. They couldn’t understand me, not knowing that I was trying to win an enormous challenge for myself and this challenge could add brilliant colour to my passionate world. .

  In fact, life is full of various challenges when one is born into this world. I remember when I was a junior middle school student, I always stumbled over my words when I answered my English teacher’s questions. That nearly made me lose my confidence in learning English. As a teacher now, it is not easy to establish a good relationship with all my students and make every class lively, interesting and productive. At home, to be a capable and considerate husband is a great challenge, too. But a different challenge provides me with a different experience--a different colour that I cherished dearly.

  Life is a colourful journey to me, full of different challenges. Only with a clear goal, a strong will, great courage and extensive knowledge, can I put the challenges under my feet. I have tasted the sweetness of success. I have tasted the bitterness of failure. But failure is the mother of success and makes my life more colourful. So my dear friends: Enjoy challenges! Enjoy life.

  C7 天津 张良

  Who Moved My Cheese

  Dear judges and honorable guests,

  Good afternoon!

  I’m so glad to make a presentation here and my topic is “Who Moved My Cheese? ”

  It’s a popular story in modern society that you may hear of.

  There are four heroes in the story: two little mice, two little men, and it happened in a maze. Everyday, the four creatures went to the maze to look for cheese. Finally, they all found enough cheese, the little men fully enjoyed its food without thinking about anything; while the mice paid attention to the change every moment, they found cheese became less and less. So at last when all cheese disappeared, they were not surprised, they continued to look for new food. While the little men got quite sad and confused, and they did nothing but complain.

  I think now you’ve got the main idea of this story. Changes can take place anytime, anywhere, if we want to keep our status or to make a progress, we need learn to cope with change. We can not assume we’ll hold present forever.

  We should confess life is always changeable. More and more unstable factors appear in our life. Compared with the past, Nowadays, people are easier to lose jobs, love is easier to be hurt. It seems someone moves our cheese. In fact, that’s not surprising at all . You know, change will become worse if we don’t notice from the very beginning.

  So, dear friends, keep alert to change all the time, I believe you will certainly get your own cheese. Let's believe in it and try our best to do it!

  Thanks a lot for your time.

  C8 湖北 赵为


  Books have been important to me ever since I could read. No, even before that, cause my mother would always described vividly that, as a two years old how I loved to sit there clutching a picture- book and murmur things that no one could understand.

  As I grow, books are going more and more indispensable to me. When I was exultant, books hold me back from being over high. When I was depressed, books help me to pull myself together and get going again. The books I read then could mark all the major changes in my life. Some books in the long run, could even be viewed as life --shaping to me .As the western proverb says,” books are the only immortality,”

  Books I read kindle my interests in different aspects of life, and my experiences motivate me to find more books that can explain things I encounter. Through reading, my insight into things around me and into myself is greatly deepened. I try to view things from different standing points and in this way, I get a better understanding of other people's feelings. Instead of shutting myself in books, I open up to the world with an utmost spirit and a healthy attitude.

  Yes, how limited would our ken is, were it not for the knowledge passed on through books! How superficial would our understandings of the world and ourselves be? Was it not for the wisdom of the great minds communicating with us through books! Books are patient teachers who never answer a question in haste. Books are loyal friends who never give us a cold shoulder in our times of trouble. They were, they are and always will be there for us. So why not enjoy their company?

  C9 北京 郑晨光

  My slogan for the Beijing Olympic Games

  Good morning, ladies and gentleman,

  Today I would like to share with you my self-created slogan for the coming Beijing Olympic Games, that is “Beijing Olympics, everyone’s invited”.

  Literally this slogan tells us that this grandest sports event will be held in Beijing, China and at the same time it can be seen as an invitation to everyone in this world as a whole. Besides all that, there is something much more profound in this slogan.

  Firstly, Olympic Game is, in a way, a grand festival that brings people worldwide together. In this festival, everyone is invited to appreciate the art of sports, no matter what language you speak, what color of skin you have or what country you come from. So I think my slogan has been created in accordance with this fundamental theme of Olympic Games. Just as the Olympic motto goes: It’s more important to participate than to win. Beijing, as the capital of this nation with the greatest hospitality, will embrace with its open arms all the friends coming from afar.

  Secondly, my slogan is also a nation’s call to mobilize its entire people. Beijing Olympics, everyone’s invited, will you accept this invitation? As the saying goes: United, we stand. Olympic Games need the entire nation’s joint effort. We need you to come up with brilliant ideas to settle various problems. For instance, we need many volunteers to serve as interpreters, doctors, drivers and tour guides to ensure the success of this grandest sports event. And my slogan “Beijing Olympics, everyone’s invited” can stir our nation’s blood and encourage everyone to do his part so that this Olympic Games can run smoothly.

  All in all, my slogan “Beijing Olympics, everyone’s invited” is a perfect example that embodies the Chinese people’s hospitality and the nation’s coherence. Let’s look forward to the complete success of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games! Thank you!

  C10 四川 张涵冰

  Staying Connected Or Losing Connection?

  Recently, I was walking in a park with a friend, and his mobile phone rang, interrupting our talk. There we were, walking and talking on a beautiful sunny day and oops, I become invisible, absent from the conversation.

  I’m wondering how strange it is that the telephone used to connect you to the absent, but now, it makes people who sitting next to you feel absent.

  That’s the funny thing happened on the way to the communications revolution, we stopped talking to another. It is that all the communications technology tools make me feel lonely.

  Every advance in communications technology is a setback to the intimacy of human interaction. You can’t even call a person to get the phone number of another person anymore. Directory assistance is becoming increasingly automated.

  I’m not a Luddite. I know that if I dial 110,I could get instant help in only 3 minutes from policeman whenever and wherever. What’s more, I own a cell phone, an ATM card, a voice-mail system, and E-mail account. Giving them up is an option. But as a matter of fact, they are great for what they are intended to do, it’s their unintended consequences that make me cringe.

  The communications industry devoted to facilitating my anti-social instincts. So, I’m starting my own technology revolution: no more instant messaging with people who live near me; no more talking on the mobile in the presents of friends; no more letting the voice-mail pick up a call when I’m free.

  Can you imagine that: if there is no one in the room to hear you exclaim: that’s miraculous! So, tell me what good is all this miraculous technology?

  C11 北京 孙健

  Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

  When I was in high school, I once did very poorly on an important exam. My father didn’t punish me, but told me one simple sentence “fishing itself is more important than the fish.”

  I was a bit unsure hearing that. I know that my father loves fishing. I often saw him release the fish after catching them. And he had told me more than once that he went fishing just because he wanted to feel the rod in his hands as the fish plays with the hook, and to feel the thrill of lifting the fish out of the water. But I could not find out what his words have to do with me.

  I repeated his words over and over again. Then I began to understand what he really meant. To his way of thinking, the process of doing something is much more important than the result. And I realized a truth that I could cherish: those who are optimistic and self-confident, and who enjoy doing something new, worry less about failure. They see in every activity a process of self-discovery and self-fulfillment that can not be measured by an exam or the number of fish in one’s basket.

  Unfortunately, too many people think differently. These people insist that it is only the result that matters. A bad result makes them dissatisfied with themselves far more than it should. And the more they feel this way, the more they forgot what little they learned. Yes, I now said to myself, fishing itself is much more important than the fish. Although four years have passed, I can still remember the moment when my father said that sentence to me.

  We need to appreciate the value in living, despite its many setbacks. Roads are for the journey, not the destination. Sunshine awaits those who keep the path!

  C12 河北 刘卜毓

  My Happiness

  Many friends of mine who plan to go abroad are facing 2 perplexities: dreams of seemingly bright future. And uncertainty of a totally new life and happiness. Going abroad to America, for example, is just like living in paradise to most dreamers. Well. Come to think about it. Is it really an ideal life to live in a foreign country? How much does it relate to happiness?

  I remember when I was a kid, the picture of my ideal life was to live in a big city, carrying a walkie-talkie, driving a car to work, and owning a big house. However, I myself by and by have found that to be happy is not easy. I have been trying to get somewhere and it is definitely not here!

  I remember Oscar Schindler, a German war profiteer. He was happy when the world was filled with his pots and pans, and he was even much happier after he spent all his money in saving more than 1100 Jewish lives and left penniless. He found his happiness.

  I also remember my friend and my senior high school foreign teacher, Susan. After graduation from Cambridge University, she came to China to teach English and made it a life-long career. She found her happiness too.

  I thought a lot and wondered: what determines my everyday life and where is my happiness?

  Finally, I got a clue. That is: a person’s happiness is not only decided by his external possession of property, but also by his internal beauty of spirit.

  So I ask myself

  To be independent, free, happy and honest.

  To be confident, determined, self-respective and creative.

  To have the sense of protecting the nature, the willingness to help others and the great passion for life.

  My dear friends please remember: Life is a gift and shouldn’t be wasted; be true to yourself and be happy!

  Thanks for your attention!

  C13 吉林 潘玉

  If you become the famous person,

  what will you do?

  Well, what a wonderful topic! How I wish it could become true now! Oh, a famous person, but if it did become true, I would fly to the war-torn Iraq right away. Why? I would go to meet the people there who have been afflicted by famine and devastation. I would work as a goodwill ambassador and try my best to raise the public awareness of the plight faced by people in Iraq.

  Too many times, I saw the bloodshed in Baghdad, the tears on children's faces, and the desperation in mothers' eyes, I can't help crying. The war was called "Iraqi Freedom", but the true freedom can't be given. Freedom is like the seed upon the wind, taking root in many nations, sprouting, blooming with the care and love, no fighting or gun. Everybody dreams of doing great things, but everyday we are called to do small things with great love. Therefore, I am always ready to give my hands to those who need them. I am confident that my hands with all of the loving hands in this world would bring peace and happiness to the needed. And if I became the famous person, my hands would reach further.

  I do hope Iraq will not be enveloped in smoke again, and the splendid sunshine could warm the frozen land. No sirens, no fears and smiles will shine through over these tearful faces and all of these would never be taken away.

  C14 江苏 王倩

  Joy on the Tip of Thumb

  “If I had one million yuan, I would buy you a palace! Do I have one million yuan? No, I don’t! So I only can spend ten fen on this short message, sending you my best wishes.!”

  Five years ago, the most popular electronic device was still a pager;

  Three years ago, e-mail took its place; Today, SMS—Short Message Service is in fashion, and it is now considered as the 5th media ! China Mobile says that per second, there are 410 messages being sent.

  Look around you! People are attentively watching their mobiles. Smiling or sighing, their facial expressions are worth observing. Thumbs are flashing over buttons, bringing happiness to recipients. The humor hidden within limited characters shows how charming language is! Through SMS, we make appointments, share jokes and latest news. We even reserve weather report and book tickets. Sweethearts express love in the form of text. This “Thumb Culture” is no longer only for delivering information. It becomes a communication tool, enriching our mental life and solidifying our relationship. When a phenomenon is modified by the word“culture”, the tendency is for it to become fashionable. According to statistics, 67% of young people like to “Short” to greet each other. SMS is now linked to internet, to provide more convenience to people. I am grateful for the progress in telecom because SMS saves much money on my phone bill. Just on the tip of thumb, so much joy can be found!

  C15 河南 程悦

  This Is Me

  Please close your eyes for just a moment and picture yourself strolling along the beach of a vast sea. Pressing against your feet are countless pebbles of countless shapes. Some are large, some small, some are round, some uneven, still some are triangles, and some may even resemble the shape of a cute rabbit. If we individuals are these pebbles along the beach, which shape would you like to have? Well, as to me, I would choose to be a fat round pebble.

  Why? Well, as you see I am so thin and weak, I always dream to be a stronger and fatter boy with a round face and bubbling muscle. But this is part of the reason, I have more to tell you.

  Firstly, by nature I am a definite perfectionist. I always strive to do everything perfectly, just like drawing a circle—a good beginning, a beautiful curve and then a happy and complete ending.

  Secondly, being a round pebble, I can move along the beach easily, which means in real life I can go traveling easily and rapidly than others. I am crazy about traveling. I spent most of my holiday going out. Now I can proudly say that all these years of traveling experience have equipped me with a sense of perseverance and an open mind.

  In addition, this ideal fat and round body of mine helps me to present myself as a warm-hearted and considerate young man and this is indeed what I am like in my dealing with others.

  This is me. Please do remember that I will say hello to you every time you go to the beach—best wishes from a fat round pebble!



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