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央视国际 2003年06月13日 16:21

  B1 宁夏 周怡雪

  Gratitude Is The Right Attitude

  Good morning dear friends:

  Now standing in front of you is an optimistic and confident girl, but no more than half a year ago, things were quite the opposite. I was recommended for admission to Fudan University, so my parents sent me to study with undergraduates. I really had a hard time fitting in. Since it was the first time for me to live in a dormitory, and all the students around me are two or three years older. Worst of all, I couldn't get use to the food there. I kept complaining to my father on the phone, hoping to get some comfort. To my surprise, he said to me:" Stop complaining, my dear. You are so lucky. You don't have to take part in the college entrance examination, so you can manage your time freely. The difficulties you have now will make you braver. Just remember: gratitude is the right attitude everyday." After my father told me the last few words, I realized how I should lead my life. That is to take a grateful attitude towards my family, my friends, the people who helped me, and even the difficulties I had. I should thank my family for taking care of me, and always being there to support me. I should thank my friends for sharing good times and bad with me. I should never miss a chance to smile and say "thank you" to others. I should also thank the difficulties I have, because by overcoming them, I will improve a lot.

  I tried to communicate more with the people around me, and find that they were all kind and friendly. Now we have a wonderful time together. This experience taught me how to make friends, and how to be independent. Life becomes much easier for me now. Everyday I take some spare time to meditate, and to appreciate all I have.

  My living principle is: "Gratitude is the right attitude." What about yours?

  Thank you!

  By: Zhouyixue from Yinchuan No.1 Middle School, Ningxia

  B2 江苏 林海岑

  My First English Teacher

  Good morning, everyone!

  Most Chinese people these days know what it is like to have an “English teacher”, since almost all pupils study English from Year three. Usually that first English teacher will be a young and lovely lady in primary school. But my first English teacher is none other than my father. Looking back, I can see that, when I was only a little carefree girl, he created an English environment by providing me with flash cards, fun English-language toys and even dolls which sang English songs! My interest in English had definitely been awakened when I began to learn the English alphabet at school. Just imagine, he went a step further and asked me to learn “New Concept English” by myself! I was confused and even angry. I could not understand how a father could be so strict with his little girl. All the same, he never gave up and he gently insisted that I follow through with his ideas. At first, I read stories with tears in my eyes and I actually hated them because they were too difficult for me. I eventually came to love the funny stories and, to be honest; my father was always there with a helping hand. I am sure that my English would never have come so far without his support. And that’s how my father is not only my first English teacher but also my lifelong teacher. He is the one who awoke my interest, who gave me confidence and who offered me much needed help.

  B3 北京 靳宇男

  One Chance

  Hi, I’m Alex from Bei Jing No.80 middle school. It’s an honor for me to have this opportunity to share some of thoughts with all of you at this moment.

  As we all know, Beijing has the opportunity to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Game. We have been waiting for years for this chance to show others around the world to our very home, and show them the combination of technology, history, and environment that we all cherish well. We’re pretty satisfied with our nationality, locally. But as I traveled to a few foreign countries, I realize that some children with Chinese backgrounds are unwilling or ashamed to be what they are, because of some unavoidable racism and racial discrimination. And some are just embarrassed because they have black hair, brown eyes and yellow skin; they think being like this makes them look ugly, some even wished that they were Caucasian. It’s a sad reality that these people really exist. So I realized that how important it is to make understanding between others and us.

  So, what does racism have to do with the 2008 Olympics? As I have mentioned, it’s a chance. But it isn’t just a chance for us to go and show others our culture. It’s a chance for us to go and show some people who we really are, it’s a chance for us to go and show some people that if they can do it, we can do it, too. It’s a chance to let them change their view about us forever, and then they will know that no matter what race you are we are all the same, no race is more better then the other in any field. But this chance only comes for once in a lifetime; let’s not waste it. I don’t think anyone wants to wait for another fifty years; the future is now. So don’t stand there and wait, you have to run to it. Maybe things will happen during this marathon, but one thing is for sure, we will all make it. So let’s not lose faith.

  B4 湖北 余白乐

  Grandpa, the Great

  On the day of my departure at the railway station, when the train began heading north, I caught sight of the silhouette of my grandpa swaggering away home bound. His voice echoed, reassuringly: ”Boy, cheer up, show your best to the world!”

  Grandpa had been a constant figure in my childhood, much more available than my office-bound parents. He was there to see me grow up, caring and nurturing me.

  I used to be a shy boy, taciturn and self-isolated in my books. Little had I imagined that I’d be facing this kind of English contest some day. When I was 7 years old, my elementary school once held a biennial poem recitation contest. As you could have imagined, I balked at the idea of partaking in. I dreaded the thought of delivering a mini-speech in front of a horde of people, with din and pandemonium in the school auditorium. To make it worse, the silly extravaganza was likely to be spoiled by those parents seemingly sneering at childish voices, making fun of our innocence and naiveté. Alas, what a holy shame to get involved. Nevertheless, grandpa insisted that I should join in, with his reassuring voice he went:"Boy, don’t take yourself seriously, come on and show your best!” Eventually, I did it and succeeded.

  As my grandpa always said, life is full of joy and challenges with challenges predominating, that I shall never panic and lose sight of my priorities in face of it, rather to adhere to my principals of hard work, perseverance and self-confidence. Thus now I look forward to challenges rather than shying away from them and I value the determination that guided my through the struggles.

  Thanks to his sustained support, I made my way here. Though the challenge ahead is tough, I can still believe this gentle old man: Oh yes, cheer up, SHOW MY BEST TO THE WORLD.”

  B5 新疆 李小萌

  If I Have a Magic-stick

  After I read the books of Harry Potter,I am greatly touched by the fantastic magic world. How I wish if I could have a magic-stick just like Harry to make all my wishes come ture!

  If I have a magic-stick,I’ll make President Bush stop the war on Iraq. I don’t think it’s a rightful war, because America neither care about UN,nor other countries’ complaining,and started the war all by itself!From the news,we all know clearly,that a lot of citizens of Iraq died or hurt seriously. I feel very sorry to see that. If I can stop every war in the world with my magic-stick,I believe the whole earth will be a paradise for everyone else.

  If I have a magic-stick,I will build a new school building for all my schoolmates. As the building is built by itself and it’ll finish in one night,we don’t need to move to other schools,we don’t need to spend any time or money on it. It’ll be very quiet and without any pollution. It’ll have the greatest facilities in it.

  If I have a magic-stick,I will design a new kind of uniform for all the students In summer,when it’s very hot,the uniform will spray some small drops of cool water on your legs and arms. In winter,it’ll get thicker with the temperature. You even don’t have to wear sweaters,only this uniform can make you feel that the spring is here right now!When it rains or snows,it can shop your form getting wet. When it’s windy,it can shelter your eyes from sandstorms,too. And we girls will like it a lot,because it’ll keep us away from the sunburn!

  If I have a magic-stick,I will go back to the past to learn more about history,I’ll travel around the world to revise my store of knowledge. I’ll protect our environment and the wild animals…

  If I have a magic-stick,I want to do so many things. Although I can never have one,I still want to tell everybody,sooner or later,all my dreams will be done!Because at the time,my hands will be the magic-sticks! Believe me!I can!

  B6 黑龙江 杨矛

  The Dream We Have

  Some days ago, I saw a picture in a newspaper. In the picture is a frightened girl. The four-year-old girl has just become motherless and homeless, and is lying in the arms of a doctor. Her pink clothes are bloodied and her hollow eyes are staring at something only she can see.

  People can always see images like this on TV.

  We see little children begging food and water from soldiers.

  We see dead bodies of common people deserted in the dust of bombing.

  We see heavy smoke rising from the burning cities, covering the solid blue sky.

  Every time we see these sad scenes, the only word that bursts out of our heart is “Peace, peace, peace!” But where on earth is the real, sweet peace?

  Actually, peace has always been the most beautiful wish of all the humans on the globe, but when we look back on the human civilization, there are millions of war nightmares flashing before our eyes—tears in mothers` eyes, birds standing on burnt logs, cameras in dead journalists` hands, wastelands after inhumane killings.

  Faced with all these terrible sights, our hearts are weeping. We are wondering why killings are found everywhere when we know peace is our desire. We are wondering why we can’t bring an end to wars which are making us suffer. We are wondering why we have to destroy our only home instead of making efforts to decorate it.

  Maybe we haven’t found the answers to these questions, but we’ll try to pursue them. Maybe peace is still far away, but we still hold strong belief in it.

  We have a dream that one day the sky will no longer be covered with the clouds of bombing, so that white doves can fly freely.

  We have a dream that one day the earth will never cry, and the world will be full of the fragrance of flowers.

  We have a dream that one day all the people in the world, no matter they are white or black, yellow or red can join their hands together like brothers and sisters.

  We have a dream that one day there will be true harmony of humans and animals, without famine, without diseases, without pollution, without conflicts and without killings.

  Just as a famous song goes, “Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me, and for the entire human race.”

  B7 陕西 王爽

  Bring Chinese music to the world

  Hello, everyone:

  I’m sure all of you would still remember the Chinese traditional music performance in Vienna Golden Concert Hall. That night, spectators were all entranced by the undulating rhythm, the entire hall was flooded by long time applause . It’s a time to be proud of not only by the Chinese music world but also the whole nation where the music was nurtured.

  For decades, we are constantly concerned about lots of questions. Can national music permeate into more foreign lands? Can the fancy melody fuse with more foreign races? And can the profound culture grow into prosperity in more foreign countries?

  People often say: What belongs to one nation becomes universal. As a treasure of our ancient culture, traditional music reflects this wise saying. In China, the famous music can be cherished deeply in every Chinese’s heart; in foreign countries, it arouses the nostalgia of the overseas Chinese; in the whole world, it can one day inspire resonance between people with different skins and languages.

  Look at the enthusiastic and persevering warriors who dedicated themselves to bring Chinese music to the world, I have a dynamic impulse to join them immediately.

  Please believe me, my friends. I will exert my utmost strength for it.

  Please walk by my side, my friends. Let’s strive together for the bright and glorious future of Chinese traditional music in the world!

  Thanks for your attention!

  B8 广东 李莱茵

  On Friends

  I remember when I was younger, my grandmother used to tell me many stories. Today I would like to share with you one of my favorites.

  Once, there lived a young boy. He was very sad because he couldn’t keep his friends. One day he asked his father why this was so. His father only replied:“Son, each time you say or do something that hurts one of your friends, hammer a piece of wood into the ground.” The curious boy did as he was told and soon he had made a fence out of the wood.

  “Father!” he cried, “ I can’t get out! I am blocked by this fence! ”

  “Well, son, each time you say something nice to a friend, you can take one piece of wood out.”

  The boy did this, too. On the first day he took out one piece of wood and on the second day he took out another two. On the third day he took out some more. Finally he had removed all of the wood. “ But Father!” he cried again, “ Look at the holes in the ground! They are big and dark! Oh, how ugly!”

  “Son,” his father said, “ This is why you aren’t able to keep your friends. Remember: when you hurt someone’s feelings, no matter what you do to make up for it, there will always be a scar in their heart. ”

  From that day on, this young boy was always very careful of his words and actions and he never hurt his friends’ feelings again.

  To this day, I always keep this story close to my heart. It has taught me a lot. I as always careful not to hurt any of my friends because they are people that I wouldn’t want to lose.

  B9 湖南 柳楯

  My view on opportunity

  Good morning!

  Honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen :

  Different people might take different views upon opportunity. Some people regard opportunity a rare thing that is difficult to get. But other people think that every one has some kind of opportunities from time to time.

  As for me, I prefer the latter opinion. A western saying tells us, “Every dog has its day.” Everybody has opportunities to be successful. In fact, no one can be denied by opportunities. Those who claim they don’t have good luck just can’t recognize or make good use of opportunity. So we must try our best to find it and make best use of it.

  Opportunities are not windfalls. Opportunities belong to those who are prepared and qualified.

  For example, before Newton many people had seen an apple falling down from a tree, but only Newton discovered the Law of Gravity. The reason is that he had developed a habit of thinking over answers to problems and stuck to his studies in spite of difficulties.

  As we all know, China is a country with a large number of young people. We are compared to the rising sun, giving youth, energy and new blood to our nation. So we must try to live up to the expectations of our motherland by squarely facing and taking every opportunity we meet in order to make the most worthwhile contribution we can to the world as well as our motherland.

  Yes, opportunites are coming. With our talents and with our wits, with our courage and with our creativity, let us whisper, loudly in our minds: Let it come! Let it come!

  Thank you.

  B10 吉林 殷佳慧


  First I’d like to ask you a question:

  Do you think the war in Iraq could be solved in another way?

  I cannot remember how old I was when I heard this story for the first and only time.

  Once there was a king, who didn’t like his infant daughter and wanted to get rid of her. So he asked a strong knight to kill her . A smile is the cutest facial expression of all. It can show your friendliness, it can raise your confidence, and it can change embarrassment into harmony.

  The knight took the baby into the forest and lifted his sword, as the sword was going to come down, he saw a sweet smile on the baby's little face, the knight's arms couldn't drop, his braveness crumbled before the baby’s smile. Beyond all doubt, this is the power of a smile. Actually, a smile is the best weapon in the world.

  But during the war in Iraq, I couldn't see a single smile on any of the role players' faces.

  Last year 287 000 Chinese committed suicide because of stress. Research shows, that a smile every hour, gives people immediate relief and reduces stress by 70 %. It opens our minds to think clearly.

  I want to conclude with the famous saying: "A smile converts problems into challenges.”

  I hope by sharing my speech with you, will give you more understanding of the value of love and life.

  Please remember this important point:

  A smile is the cutest facial expression of all. It can show your friendliness, it can raise your confidence, and it can change embarrassment into harmony.

  B11 四川 成于思

  Most reliable friend never forgotten

  I never thought anyone of the same age of me could be more special than me until a half-year-younger girl came into my life three years ago.

  Once in this term I met her in the English corner and both of us were so excited because we had not seen each other for so long since the day we were distributed into different classes at the beginning of out senior year. She looked me in the eye and said, “Suzy, since the day we were not in the same class , I’ve been feeling lost, but what's more, I can definitely feel that you have left something in my mind or body that my new classmates who know you said I was so much like you!” I smiled ,feeling so touched inside and suddenly a word jumped into my mind “permeate”. Yes, we permeated each other because I felt the same way as her.

  Lynda, the girl , my best friend, would like to call me the most reliable friend and I would ,too.

  We were in the same class in junior school and we shared the same room with six other girls. To tell you the truth, I didn’t like her at all first because of her boyish manners, hardly ever making the bed, never cleaning the dormitory, and she was less talkative than anyone of us in our dormitory---totally special. Maybe this kind of personality never appeared in my life so I felt uncomfortable quite a bit. But when I began to talk to her, I thought it was a wonderful beginning because if I hadn’t talk to her I would lost the most valuable friend in my life. Actually, she was optimistical and rakish and that’s why she was boyish ,and it was her boyish way of thinking ,that our friendship remained long with no quarrels. I mean, the longer I was with her , the more I behaved smartly like a boy.

  People’s mind changes, but friendship will last forever. The hard school life occupies most of our time and we seem to be kept away from each other though we are in the same Grade. But distance makes beauty , when we see each other and say such simple worlds like “What’s up”, “Catch you later” ,“ Don’t forget to call me”…… make both of us feel warm and satisfied.

  B12 河北 张博

  Facing Applause Correctly

  Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Today I’m very glad to be here to share with you some of my thoughts on the topic of an attitude towards life----facing applause correctly.

  There was a philosopher who once said that applause is one of the most wonderful extras in life. I personally couldn’t agree more. Applause gives us the power which enables us to show our talents in competitions. It is a cluster of exuberant flowers which continues to bloom time and time again on one’s road to success; it is the perpelling force which pushes one forward on and on through everything. If one becomes successful in a certain field of study, applause will make him much happier, telling him to keep up the good work and make better progress. If one fails to do something, applause will give him enough courage to get over it, helping him to have more confidence and never say die. It is difficult to imagine what the world would be like if no applause existed. Everything would turn out to be lacking in energy and everyone would turn out without passion.

  Applause is the sun; it brightly warms every corner of the earth and offers us enthusiasm to conquer every difficulty. However, too much sunshine can make plants fade and give us sunburns. Applause is a well; it unselfishly feeds the thirsty grass and also clears our troubled minds. However, too much water may wash away all of our houses and destroy our homestead. Applause is a breeze; it gently touches creatures all over the world and calms our nerves when we get anxious. However, too much wind will stir up the ocean and cause a huge disaster.

  All in all, different people may have different reactions to applause, and these may even be opposite sometimes. Therefore, face applause correctly. And then, success can be achieved by him, her, you and I.

  Thank you, everyone!

  B13 安徽 杜达夫

  A New Starting Point

  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

  I’m Marcus Doo,a boy from Wuhu. First of all, I must say standing here makes me feel really honored and excited. Maybe you can guess what has brought me to this spot.

  My English journey started when I began to utter English words as a todller;. Later, New Concept English cultivated in me a genuine passion for English. And furthermore, Li Yang Crazy English convinced me that it’s my destiny to pursue English learning all my life. I mean, English has opened up a new world to me and English means everything to me.

  April 3rd is the date I’ll never forget . On that day I received the call from CCTV, informing me that I was admitted to the National Final. That news came out of the blue , I couldn’t believe my ears, my mind went blank ,my head swirled and I felt as if I was in a dream. Shortly after that, when I calmed down, I began to realize this competition is not my final goal, but a new starting point.

  Today, we are gathering here to compete for the highest mark. All the contestants present are so outstanding that it is a real challenge for me to come out top,at the same time, I’ve got the fine chance to learn from their experience and acquire fresh knowledge. And most important of all, I have the honor to hear the comments given by our respectable judges. All this will certainly give a good push to my English study.

  Issac Newton once said, “If I have seen further than most men, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” So far I’ve become fully confident of myself simply because I’m standing at a new and high starting point. Setting off from this point, I’ll fulfill my colorful dreams.

  Maybe several years later, there will be a young man sitting on this judge’s seat and his name will be Marcus Doo.

  I hope that day will come soon.

  Thanks for listening!

  B14 山东 毕晓路

  Midsummer night’s dream in Cambridge

  Today I ‘d like to share my experience with you.

  People often think of Cambridge as a diamond on an imperial crown, which means it is a world-famous seat of academic authority. in the summer vacation of 2002, I luckily had an opportunity to go to Cambridge. When I finally reached her, Cambridge welcomed in her particular approachable way. Besides the imposing buildings of the university, the honest and warm local people also gave me wonderful memories. Here I have a story to tell you.

  There was a traditional festival during my stay in Cambridge in memory of William Shakespeare. I decided to go to the Girton college to enjoy the famous play:” midsummer night’s dream .“

  The open-air performance took place in the college yard. actors’ lively perfermanc made me involved in it immediately. But unexpectedly, it started to rain cats and dogs during the beginning of the play, and what was worse; I forgot to take my umbrella. When I was annoyed , an old lady lent her raincoat to me. On the stage, the actors just kept performing, regardless of the heavy rain.

  When the performance finished, it was late in the evening and very dark outside. Though the downpour, I saw my hostess drove to pick me up with her two little children in her car.

  I think that the true love between people is beyond nationalities. Which can build a bridge between people of different nations and colors of skin. I believe that the whole world is a family. And at that moment, I just immersed myself in the fragrant atmosphere that was as sweet as a midsummer night’s dream.