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Please think again when mote drops placidly

Source: Xinhua | 04-18-2008 11:25

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

BEIJING, April 17 (Xinhua) -- Today's Lhasa has returned to its usual placidity. When dark clouds retreat, snow-capped mountains remain sacred; when chaos fade away, let's think again about three problems.

First, what will a boycott of the Olympic Games bring? The Dalai clique has cried out that the Olympic Games is the last chance for Tibetans. They carefully organized, designed, fanned and masterminded such violence as beating, smashing, robbing and burning in Lhasa and some other places. Following them, all kinds of evil forces jumped up, clamoring for an Olympic boycott and even tried to grab the Olympic torch during the relay.

Did they realize they were boycotting 1.3 billion Chinese people's efforts to become stronger and make progress as well as harming the feelings and dignity of all those Chinese? Did they realize they were boycotting the Olympic spirit of peace, harmony, unity and friendship recognized by 6 billion people worldwide?

The Chinese people sincerely hope to make friends with other countries through hosting the Games.

Who on the earth does China harass to host a sport event? Everyone with a conscience and a warm heart believes that the world will smile on China if 1.3 billion Chinese smile at them.