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NPC opposes US Congress´s resolution once again

Source: | 04-12-2008 12:50

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

China has once again expressed strong indignation and opposition to a US House of Representatives resolution on China's handling of the recent violent riots in Lhasa.

An official with China's National People's Congress says the resolution, passed without taking proper consideration of China's strong opposition and representation, seriously interferes with China's internal affairs, and hurts the feelings of Chinese people.

The official said the resolution, put forward by the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, distorts the facts, and took no consideration of the overall relations between China and the United States.

The official says the violent riots in Lhasa was masterminded, organised, and fanned by the Dalai clique, it is a result a group of separatist forces advocating "Tibet independence" both at home and abroad. Their aim is to create havoc, split Tibet from the motherland, sabotage the normal and harmonious life of the Tibetan people, and to disturb the Beijing Olympics. It is not a "peaceful protest" as claimed by the Dalai clique, or so called "voluntary activities" of the Tibetan residents, furthermore, it has nothing to do with human rights, religious freedom, or ethnic culture protection.

It is indignant that the US House of Representatives confused right and wrong. Instead of condemning the rioters who conducted beating, smashing, looting and burning in Lhasa or their mastermind, the Dalai clique, who planned and organised the violent crimes, they are pointing their fingers at the Chinese government and people. This goes against common sense and conscience, tramples human rights and rule of law, and seriously hurt the feelings and dignity of the Chinese people.


Editor:Xiong Qu