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Chen Shui-bian´s son-in-law indicted


07-11-2006 09:06

The son-in-law of Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian, Chao Chien-ming, has been indicted on charges of insider trading in Taipei. Prosecutors are seeking an eight-year prison term.

Chao and six others are accused of involvement in insider trading of shares of a local property company. The prosecutors are also demanding a 10-year jail term for Chao's father, Chao Yu-chu, and eight years for Su Te-chien, chairman of Taiwan Development and Trust. Chao and his father are believed to have pocketed some four and half million US dollars from the criminal activities. But Chao has maintained his innocence since his detention in May. The insider trading scandal has Taiwan's political arena in an uproar. Local public support for Chen Shui-bian has dropped to an all-time low.


Editor:Ge Ting