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Rice: no guarantee for Iran


05-22-2006 13:41

US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, has said that Washington has not offered a guarantee against attacking or undermining Iran's government in exchange for having Tehran curtain its nuclear program. She said on "Fox News Sunday" that Iran is a troublemaker in the international system, a central banker of terrorism, and security assurances are not on the table.

Condoleezza Rice said: "We are talking about the international community's demand that Iran change its course on the kind of nuclear program that it is pursuing and it can then have certain benefits in the international system. This is not about Iran and the United States. This is an issue between the international community and Iran and to the degree that the Iranians try to make this a tussle, a disagreement between the United States and Iran, they are not going to find a very fertile ground because we are united with our allies on what needs to be done."

Hopefully, the US Secretary of State's comments will not make the already troubled US-Iran relations more strained.


Editor:Ge Ting