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Anchors & Reporters
It´s easy to report the facts.
But a good reporter sees the truth and the logic behind the facts.

A professional television reporter presents the facts,the truth and the logic in a way easy to follow and understand.We tell the story, let the viewers decide.

At CCTV-international, that´s what we have been trying to do all along.
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CCTV-4 Channel Wide
Around China, 13 November to 20 November, CCTV-4, at 20:10 Beijing Time Across the Strait, 19 November, CCTV-4, at 17:15 Beijing Time
Chinese Medicine, 13 November, CCTV-4, at 17:15 Beijing Time Chinese Treasures, 15 November and 16 November, CCTV-4, at 18:50 Beijing Time
Chinese Medicine, 30 October, CCTV-4 Happy China, 29 October, on CCTV-4
Chinese Treasures, 24 October & 25 October, CCTV-4 Taiwan Mosaic, 26 October, CCTV-4
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