03-18-2008 15:39

Moderator: Yang Rui


Premier Wen Jiabao may feel a bit relieved, since provincial governments have successfully reduced pollutant emissions and conserved more energy after the State Council met setbacks last year.

Provincial authorities are required to sign contracts with the central government to meet the resource-conservation and environmental targets. Otherwise they will not get promoted.

Another landmark measure taken by the central authorities is to establish a state energy commission and to elevate the current environmental agency to a ministry as part of the proposed governmental restructuring.

At the same time, experts are calling for more attention to water scarcity, which remains a grave concern on the agenda of the new Chinese leadership.

Joining us now in the studio are Mr. Ma Jun, our expert on environmental issues and Mr. Dermot O’Gorman, the China Country Representative of the World Wildlife Fund. And Professor Jiang Wenran, from the University of Alberta in Canada.

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Editor:Du Xiaodan