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央视国际 2003年05月26日 15:13




  17:40—17:55(首播): 《新标准英语4B》第一集

  内容介绍: Unit 1 I’m reading a letter

  Unit 2 I like football and watching TV

  Unit 3。 Children from China are Chinese。


  06:40—07:10(重播): :《神奇儿童英语》第十九集 《新标准英语4B》第一集

  17:25—17:55(首播):《日语新视听》第八集 <烛光艺术>和<影的艺术>

  主 持 人:李丽桃(首都师范大学日语系 教师)

  嘉 宾:许斐 京子



  06:40—07:10(重播): 《日语新视听》第八集


  内容介绍: 第三十五集


  1。the breast stroke 蛙泳

  2。the butterfly stroke 蝶泳

  3。the dolphin stroke 海豚式

  4。the back stroke 仰泳

  5。the side stroke 侧泳

  6。freestyle(crawling) 自由泳

  7。underwater swimming 潜泳

  8。diving 跳水

  9。high diving 高台跳水







  1。I am (in a hurry),actually。我确实是(很着急)。

  2。When do you think you can cut my hair?你看你什么时候可以给我理?

  3。I'll be ready for you in about ten minutes。大约十分钟就能为您服务了。

  4。I guess I can wait that long。这时间我看我能等。

  5。Would you please take a seat over there?请那边坐一下好吗?

  6。I don't read a word of Chinese(English)。我一个汉字(英文单词)都不认得。

  7。I'm so sorry for that。这事儿太抱歉了。

  8。How'd you Like to have your hair cut?您想怎么个理法?

  9。You've done a good job。这活儿干得很好。


  two thousand and eight 2008




  内容介绍:UNIT 02-1

  C:Hello, Welcome to goal。欢迎大家再一次来到我们的《胜利之门》。今天,我们又开始了一个新的单元。

  Z:Hi。 I'm Zoe。 Today is Unit 02,part 1。

  And first of all let's review the recap of the pervious episode。

  Z(os):Manni was being thrown out of the London Rangers ground, and now he is lost on the London streets。


  Z:You are right。 And lose is a very useful word, and we also can say lose the game比赛失败

  lose weight 就是减轻体重 lose time 就是浪费时间

  Ok,let`s watch the recap of the last unit once again。

  C:Oh, Poor Manni!马尼没有钱,没有证件、也不记得旅馆的名字,真是太糟糕了。 Zoe, 最后Emma他们有没有找到他啊?

  Z:Hei, be patient Cui。 The best way to answer you is to watch the clip。

  C:Oh, please。

  Z:You see, they still haven't found Manni。

  C:是啊,Emma 和Sophie都很着急。

  Z:Yeah, and just at this moment,Manni's father called Manni, it make things even worse。 And Emma tells him Manni is in the shower。

  Cui:"shower" means 淋浴。 "in the shower" means having a shower 正在淋浴。shower 还有下雨的意思

  It`s started to shower,I`m sure to get wet。


  She received a shower of letters on her birthday。


  Nuts showered down when the tree was shaken。



  C:难道你只注意到了她惶惶张张的样子?在这段中她运用了一些打电话的专用语言,Did you notice that?

  z:Yes,when Emma pick up the telephone,she asked:Sorry,who is this?Sophie asked:who is it?In English,we won`t say:Who are you?

  C:Emma说“You can't speak to him at the moment”,我们在打电话的时候,通常会说“I want to speak to sb。” 。

  Z:Yes。 Speak to sb。 means talk with someone。If he is not here,we can say:Would you like to leave him a message?

  C:"leave sb a message”给某人留个条子。

  Z:Yeah。 "leave sb a message" and we also can say take a message。 So if somebody calls me, but I'm not in the office, my work mates can ask them to leave a message for me。

  C:Of course。 Nowadays, people like to send messages by mobile-phone,did you received some messages on New Years Eve?

  Z:Sure, let me check。

  C:OK。Zoe 刚才说let me check, 刚才Emma也说了个“check”

  Z:Emma says “Well, I'll just check。 Sophie was with him last”

  C:这句话的意思就是“我来问问,是Sophie 最后跟他在一起的。

  Z:Yes, and at last Emma says "I'll ask him to call you back。"

  C:我让他给您回电话,Call sb back 就是回电话的意思。

  Z:Ok,let's review this part again。 And pay attention to those telephone terms。

  C:S接到J的电话,但是J那边似乎没有什么消息,Sophie说there is no sign of him here either,我们这里也没有他的线索。

  Z:"no sign of sb。" means couldn't find someone, and we also can say: sign in 签到 sign off结束 sign up应募。

  天已经黑了,他们到底能不能找到Manni 呢?

  C:Oh, no they still haven't found Manni。 but they are all very concerned about Manni,

  Z:Yeah, and Joe says " we'll keep looking"。 Keep is also a very useful term。 When it is a verb it means to retain possession of:拥有 you can keep it,你拿着吧。

  C:当一个动词接在keep的后面,这个动词必须是动名词,也就是动词的ing的形式,keep doing是一直,不间断地做什么,比如:keep reading,keep running,keep writing

  Z:So Joe says we'll keep looking, that means they will look for Manni for some time

  C:And I wish you could keep learning English with our program。

  Z:I hope so。Later Charlie asks Emma if she has seen Peter, for he hasn't checked in yet。

  C:"check in "是签到,登记入住的意思。E忘了去接皮特,皮特下了火车直接去了LR俱乐部,所以还没来得及到旅馆登记入住。

  Z:Yeah, He has not check in yet。And Emma says Peter and Manni went to see the match, but Charlie tells her "the match finished ages ago"。

  C:"age"是年龄、年代的意思。这句话比较夸张—比赛已经结束好几年了。这体现了英国人的幽默。如果用美语表达就会是“the match finished years ago”

  Z:Yes。 But Emma is afraid of being blame by Charlie,so she has to insist that the two boys are at the stadium。

  C:Stadium 是大型露天体育馆。还有个词的发音和它很相近,就是studio,这个词的意思是电视台演播室。

  Z:So Cuisong and I are in the No。10 studio now not in the stadium。

  C:I see。 There's no problem。 没问题。

  Z:Ok, let's see this part again。

  C:No problem。

  C:看来,Emma 极力想掩盖自己的失误,也不知道Charlie能不能相信她。What happens next Zoe?

  Z:Then Paul and Jim appears。

  C:Oh, no。 他们俩一出现我就感到不妙。他们是不是又使了什么坏?

  Z:Let's go on and check it, ok?

  C:Be quick, please!

  C:Oh, my god! Manni 简直是倒霉透了。都是Paul和Jim害了他。

  Z:Maybe they didn’t expect that,they’re planning to go out with Emma,Jim asked Paul "Do you want a drink before you go out? "

  C:你出去前想喝点什么吗?"drink"是个名词,意思是饮料,可以喝的东西,而且是可数名词,a drink,也可以有复数形式。 drinks

  Z:We can say let’s have a drink or let’s go out for drinks。

  C:Emma 不能和Paul一起出去,她必须把马尼找回来,她悄悄对Paul说:

  Z:Apparently,two of the stewards threw him off the ground。

  C:Apparently 很显然,是两个管理员把马尼赶出了球场。Steward是管理员的意思,也可以是管家或飞机轮船上的服务员。

  Z:Did you remember the pretty girl on the plan in Unit1 part 1,she is a stewardess。


  Z:When Emma said:Two of the stewards threw him off the ground。Jim let out the secret,We saw them do that。So Paul has to says "we thought he was some kind of hooligan"。 (say slowly)

  C:hooligan 是强盗、阿飞、小流氓、无赖,美语里是 a hoodlum。

  Hooligan和 hoodlum 意思一样,反正都不是好人。

  Z:Yeah, Paul described Manni as some kind of hooligan,he really look down upon Mannii。He doesn’t want Emma to keep looking for Manni,so he said Manni is a big boy,he can look after himself。 "Look after" means take care of。


  C:Paul还说"forget about him for a while"。"for a while"表示A period of time,我们还可以说stay for a while;

  Z:And Paul also says "It's your loss darling"。 Loss is a noun means one that is lost:

  失去的东西。 It's used here to say Manni。 不是指马尼,是说,亲爱的,你不去,那可是你的损失啊,显出Paul 很傲慢

  C:尽管如此Emma还是很友好的, 她还是坚持一定要找到Manni。

  Z:Exactly! Let's see this part again。

  Z:So cui do you still remember what happened to Manni on the street?

  C:当然, Manni被一个中年妇女当成了小偷,真是太倒霉了。

  Z:Poor Manni。 But we have to pay attention to what this lady says, especially her use of tense。 At first she says "Stop! Thief! He's stealing my bag"。


  Z:Yes, but when she says to the policeman, she says: He tried to steal my bag。


  Z:Then the woman goes on: and he was about to run off with my bag when you came along。

  C:你过来的时候,他正要抢走我的包。"was about to" 打算要干什么,因为是刚才发生的事, 她也用了过去时, 这种时态, 称作过去将来时

  Z:Run off with means to steal sth and escape with it。

  C:run off with 是带着东西跑掉,当然这个东西肯定不是他自己的,要不然他跑什么呀?肯定是做贼心虚。

  Z:He was about to run off with my bag。


  Z:So the policewoman asked Manni:what have you got to say for yourself?"say for oneself means to explain about what you did。

  cui:Have got 可以表示 有、有着、得到。你对你自己有什么可说的?

  Have got 比have 的说法要生动一些,

  Z:For example:

  My sister has got a long dark hair。 我妹妹的头发又长又黑。

  I have got a sister and a brother。 我有一个姐姐和一个弟弟。

  Our English teacher has got a Chinese name。我们的英语老师有一个中文名字。

  崔:Have got 还可以表示 必须、应该、得怎么样

  Z:For example:

  You`ve got to understand。你得高清楚、弄明白。

  He has got himself arrested。他把自己送进了监狱。他被抓了起来。

  Z:Joe and Peter has been looking for Manni for a long time,so Joe felt a kind of hungry,he wanted to get sth to eat and then carry on。 "carry on", means continue to do sth。

  C:Joe饿了,想吃点东西再继续找,carry on 继续做某事

  Z:Despite of all the noise,she carried on reading。


  C:Ok,Let’s continue with our story。

  Z:`Innocent Manni couldn't help to yell at the policewoman: "It's a big mistake。 I couldn't find my hotel and I bumped into this woman and she dropped her bag。" Bumped into means meet or encounter someone by chance。


  Bump 就是碰撞,猛击的意思。

  I got a bump on the head - 头上挨了一击。

  I bumped my head on a tree branch - 头撞上了一个树杈。

  Bump into 不期而遇,偶然碰到。

  Guess who I bump into in the market today?猜猜今天我在市场上碰到谁了?

  Z:So Manni bump into the woman and her bag dropped,Manni went to pick it up。 "pick it up " means to take up (something) by hand。

  C:Pick it up 是捡起,马尼好心帮这个妇女捡包,却被误会了。Pick up 有很多非常生动的用法,我们一起来看看例句:

  I will pick you up at the east gate at 9 o’clock。


  He picked up a beautiful statue when he was in Rome。


  She picked up French by living in France for one year。


  Z:Ok, let's review the whole part。

  Z:Ok in today's we learned many new words and phrases。 They are。。

  Be lost 迷路

  Check 查查

  Leave sb。a message 给某人留言

  Call sb。 back 给某人回电话

  No sign of 没有什么的迹象

  Keep doing sth。 一直在做什么

  Check in 签到

  Stadium 露天体育馆

  Want a drink 喝点什么

  Hooligan 小流氓

  Carry on 继续

  Pick sth。 Up 拣起什么东西

  Say for oneself 为自己说点什么

  You may wonder will Manni get out of trouble with the old lady and the policewoman?

  Can Manni go back to the hotel and sleep there?

  Since the first day for Manni is full of ups and downs, will he have a better luck the second day,

  we will wait and see。


  Z:See you。







  1。Excuse me。 but do you speak English?对不起,你会说英语吗?

  2。I'm going to take the subway, too。我也正好去乘地铁。

  3。I have a cousin in Australia。我有个表弟(兄弟姐妹)在澳大利亚。

  4。He studies law there。他在那儿学法律。

  5。I know some Chinese students there。我认识哪儿的一些中国学生。

  6。There are two or three hundred Chinese students in Sudney。悉尼有两三百个中


  7。There are four entrances(exits)。有4个入(出)口处。

  8。There's an escalator upwards。有上行的电扶梯。

  9。There's no escalator downwards。没有下行的电扶梯。






  1。The stations are very beautiful, and clean too。这些车站都很漂亮,也挺干净。

  2。The Beijing subway is rather new。北京地铁很新。

  3。The fare is cheap。票价很便宜。

  4。You go all round the city。你可以转遍全城。

  5。The circle line goes round the city。环线绕行全城。

  6。The other line(The straight line)goes through the city。另一条线(直线)横穿全城。

  7。Such a lot of people。(There are such a lot of people。)这么多人呀!

  8。Why is this station so crowded?为什么这个站这么挤?

  9。One of the city's biggest shopping areas is near here。本市最大的商业区之一就在附近。

  四合院:陈琳教授来到小院教大家三个"up",stand up;speak up;shut up。这是作为一个老师应该掌握的三点。